Sustaining Energy and Enthusiasm for Actions

Sustaining Energy and Enthusiasm for Actions

It is quite common to start something with energy and enthusiasm and then give it up soon afterwards. This phenomenon is very common in our lives and is visible in all pursuits- study, business, work, health, etc. We would all like to overcome this problem. The genesis of the problem and the means to overcome it has been discussed.

Problem of Motivation in Sustaining Energy and Enthusiasm for Actions

In majority of the cases the problem is that of motivation. The following questions weaken our motivating force. This is the biggest problem, preventing us from realizing our potential. We call these problems of ‘personal leadership’.

  • Students: Should I be studying the subjects I have chosen? Will my method of studying take me to my goal?
  • Workers: Should I be doing the work that I am doing? Will my method of working take me to my goal?

These doubts weaken our sense of purpose and motivation. No time spent upon clarifying these aspects is wasted. Imagine doing B Tech for 4 years and then realizing that I should have done law! It is better to have spent 2 months to decide what to do & then not waver!

Problem of Discipline in Sustaining Energy and Enthusiasm for Actions

In some cases the problem is of discipline, procrastination and laziness. People having such a problem are unable to control their lives, but allow others and circumstances to do that. They lead reactionary lives and not proactive lives. They are controlled more by their emotions than their rational thoughts. We call these problems of ‘personal management’. This problem has to be overcome by laying down clear achievable targets for each day & achieving them. This will give us confidence to establish weekly goals and achieve them. We should have patience with ourselves and pardon ourselves for minor breaches of self commitment, and move ahead with greater resolve. In this manner we shall see our self control, self confidence, resolve and discipline improving. Our actions will inspire others and give us great dividends in life.

Conclusion: Motivation and Discipline are Keys to Sustaining Energy and Enthusiasm for Actions

From the above discussion it would be clear that getting the right motivation is essential to sustain our enthusiasm as it gives a sense of purpose to our actions. Once motivation is right then we just need to improve our discipline to sustain our energy and enthusiasm day in and day out without wavering!
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