This is a guest blog by Shalini Verma. Shalini Madam has been guiding students of No Frills Academy to improve their English.
English is one of the finest, classy and dignified foreign languages. The beauty of this language, like any other language, lies in the manner in which it is understood and spoken with the apt pronunciation, punctuation, intonation and emphasis.
A gift of the British to India, it is a tasteful language and should be spoken with grace, charm and charisma that it is entitled to. Any language spoken in the right manner and context sounds pleasing to the ears and appealing to the soul. It should always be an endeavor of a language speaker to first ingrain the basic rules of the language consciously and then start verbal and written expression with it. This should always be a constant and conscious realization that should forever stay with the speaker.
Always remember that ‘no one is perfect’-not even the masters with their claim and credibility through uncountable achievements in their field of perfection. We should constantly keep upgrading ourselves on the ladder, rising higher and higher but always stay short of perfection-it should be an ongoing process because only then can we perfect ourselves in every small aspects.
So, keeping all this in mind, the first step in the journey of three months to learning English is analyze your weak points, for instance tenses…….are you clear with them?? Parts of speech……where are you mostly confused?? Do you follow everything that is written or, does it take you two-three readings to understand??Are you as good in writing as you are in speaking or, do you lack confidence in both??Are you confident in speaking before a stranger??Once that is done go step by step. First strengthen your command over basics of grammar; then simultaneously start reading consciously, understanding and clearing your doubts related and along with this, start speaking, consciously but, confidently-it is a slow process but will gradually help you in gaining right command over the language.
Always consult whenever in doubt-a teacher, good book or google……remember guidance is very important because if we don’t then we’ll ignorantly go wrong in our expression .Correct use of grammar, written and verbal expression, pronunciation, correct manner of speaking with the right stress and stretch-all these are very important in slowly adding finesse to the language. Remember, all this will take time but right efforts and correct guidance will lead to a good and strong command over spoken English.
All this is practically possible in three months with a combination of theory-understanding the basics of grammar, practicals-a combination of discussions and conversations-some factual situations and some theoretical, written expressions-expressing your views on subjects and topics and areas that hold your interest, verbal expressions-debates and arguments without holding yourself back so that you can overcome the inhibition of confident talking without any apprehension. All this with correct guidance at every step will take you smoothly and definitely not effortlessly to speaking English fluently.

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