Time Management- Part 1

 Time Management- Part 1

I have had a good fortune of studying considerable literature on “Time Management”. My study led me to conclude that there is no literature which even comes near in quality to the “Fourth Generation of Time Management” as explained by Stephen Covey. In the next few posts I will endeavor to explain the same. In Time Management- Part 1, let us just understand the four quadrants in which ‘activities’ can be covered to get a clear perspective.

Urgent Matters

Urgent matters press us; insist on action; are often popular with others; often they are unimportant!

Important Matters

Important matters have to do with results. They contribute to your mission, your values & high priority goals in life.

Popular Tendency

Popular tendency is to ‘react’ to urgent matters. Important matters that are not urgent require more initiative and being ‘proactive’.

Quadrant 1- Urgent & Important Activities


1. Pressing problems.

2.Deadline driven projects.


Quadrant 2- not Urgent but Important Activities


  1. All prevention activities: looking after health, mind, assets & finances (both your personal & that of the organization).
  2. Building & taking care of relations-family, friends & colleagues. Getting a clear perspective that people are more important than money, property, inanimate objects, marks, promotions, fame, etc.
  3. Recognizing new opportunities.


Quadrant 3- Urgent & not Important Activities
  1. Unimportant phone calls.
  2. Popular activities.
  3. Unimportant pressing matters.
  4. Unimportant mails.
  5. Organized events.


Quadrant 4- not Urgent & not Important Activities


  1. Pleasant pastimes- social media, social phone calls & chats, gossiping, watching TV, mobile & computer games.
  2. Time wasters.


Going to watch a Cricket match with family is recreation( COMES IN QUADRANT 2), but being addicted to IPL, or BIG BOSS, or some serial is a QUADRANT 4 ACTIVITY, BECAUSE THE FORMER HELPS THE FAMILY TO BOND, WHILE THE LATTER PREVENTS IT!

  1. Do not get your bike serviced (QUADRANT 2) & wait for it to break down (QUADRANT 1)!
  2. Do not exercise regularly (QUADRANT 2) & get a heart attack (QUADRANT 1)!
  3. Do not study regularly (QUADRANT 2) & panic in exams (QUADRANT 1)!
  4. Do not invest in your growth (QUADRANT 2) & suddenly discover that technological advancements have rendered you unproductive for the society (QUADRANT 1)!
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