Tips for Unemployed Engineers

Tips for Unemployed Engineers

Unemployment is a big problem in India, particularly for engineers. Several of my students are also unemployed engineers. The situation is difficult and has to be faced with fortitude. It is a time to upgrade skills to enhance chances of employment and work persistently to gain employment at the earliest. In this blog, “Tips for Unemployed Engineers” actions are recommended for unemployed engineers.

IT is Important ‘Hot’ Sector

If you are an engineer from the IT field chances are high that you would have got a job. This is the only sector where employment scope is good. Even if you are not from the IT field you can learn skills which are in demand and can be acquired with some effort, while doing engineering or later.

  • Web Designers. Web developers, especially those skilled in languages like Java, JavaScript, PHP and Python are in high demand.
  • Networking Professionals. Skilled networking professionals will remain in demand.
  • Cyber Security. There is severe deficiency of professionals skilled in the field of cyber security. The need will increase further.
  • Mobile Application Developers. Mobile application developers are and will continue to be in great demand.
  • Cloud Architects. IT professionals skilled at setting up, performing integration and securing cloud deployments will remain in demand.
  • Data Scientists. Professionals who can develop solutions to capture, process, analyze and interpret data will continue to be in demand.
  • Content Management Systems. Professionals working in content management systems will continue to be in demand as companies look to customize their existing WordPress and Drupal sites and integrate them with ecommerce products.

Improve Personality by Enhancing Skills

I have yet to come across a person who has good communication skills, is confident and has decent general awareness not getting campus placement, even if his technical knowledge is weak. What does it mean for you? It means that you should straight away start efforts to improve your communication skills in English and general awareness. It is definitely going to enhance your chances of getting a job. Additional skills of importance for the corporate are basic understanding of general management, finance and economics. Acquire these skills at the earliest. You do not have to take any formal classes for these; just do it!

Work Diligently to Gain Employment

Effort to gain employment is a work in itself and teaches a lot. You learn the following vital lessons for practical work life:

  • Understanding of relevance of skills.
  • How many people are in the business of taking commissions for employment, including your own college!
  • Interaction with potential employers and HR department employees is also great learning.
  • How for most organizations profit is the only religion and business ethics has little relevance.
  • Most promises made are hollow. If an offer is realistic it will work out in two weeks. If there is no progress in two weeks then it is safe to assume that it is a dead end.
  • Any job offer which is asking you for money for travel or any such reason is a fake offer. Please avoid such offers.

Please send resumes to job portals, consultancy firms and potential employers. Do devote time to speak to them regularly for feedback. Remember-you are in need of a job, they are not obliged to help!

Final Tips for Unemployed Engineers

The future requires workers to be “jack of all and masters of some”. Please realize the significance of this truth and work to enhance your employability. The effort made today will pay dividends tomorrow. Worrying will not help in any way. Purposeful action is a great tool to fight worries and negative thoughts.
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