Transform India by Solving 5 Major Problems

Transform India by Solving 5 Major Problems

Very few views were received on the subject: “Transform India by Solving 5 Major Problems”. Two of the best views are given below. I congratulate both of them!

Yogesh Sharma’s Views


‘Janlokpals’ at the centre and states should be introduced. There should be social audits & e governance from parliaments to ‘panchayats’. Punitive and exemplary punishment should be given in cases of corruption. These actions will help to eliminate this most serious problem.

2.    Education/Judicial/Political Reforms

This is the next important issue. The problems can be overcome by doing the following:

  • Bring back the ‘Gurukul’ system in education.
  • Appoint more judges and speed up the justice delivery system.
  • Tainted criminals should be barred for life from holding any public office.
  • Graduate degree should be mandatory for election to any public post.
  • Funds of political parties must be transparent and open to public scrutiny.
3. Infrastructure
  • Interconnection of rivers must be completed at the earliest to:
    •   Provide cheap inland water transport.
    • Prevent droughts/floods.
  • Increase nuclear, solar/wind energy production to ensure clean energy and reduce pollution.
    4. Reservation Policy

    Reservations should be based on income and not caste.

5. Healthcare

There should be centralised data system for patients. Prices of medical treatment and drugs should be regulated. Health insurance must cover all citizens. Sports should be promoted.

Muhammad Arif Khan’s Views

1. Corruption

There should be strict laws for corruption cases. Corruption cases must be dealt with speedily. Similar to the bravery awards honesty awards should be given at various levels for encouraging people. Moral/ ethics education must be mandatory for all students.


3-5% GDP should be devoted to healthcare to establish new government medical colleges, train more doctors and improve medical facilities. Strict laws should be made and implemented to deter wrong practices by doctors.


Instead of blind privatization of educational institutes focus should be on public system of education. We should implement the best practices in education like “NAI TALEEM”.


India should promote small entrepreneurs at village and district level for employment generation. Corruption is directly proportional to unemployment so we should reduce unemployment to eliminate corruption.

5.Farmers’ Suicides

Rapid and proper mechanism of government help to farmers at the time of agriculture loss due to natural calamities is a must to save lives. They should be provided agriculture related employment to help them earn their livelihood in the short term. More job creation in manufacturing and services will absorb the ‘disguised unemployment’ of farmers.

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