Understand Attribution Theory- Develop Right Attitude

Understand Attribution Theory- Develop Right Attitude

Our attitude determines our success in life. I have discussed the topic,
“Understand Attribution Theory- Develop Right Attitude”
to help us develop the right attitude for personal growth.

Understand Attribution Theory

Read these statements:
“I failed in Math test because last night we had no current & I could not study”
“I was bowled because the ball did not rise, because of the bad pitch”
“I performed poorly in college because I got into bad company”
“I did not study well because my family environment was not conducive”
These are some commonly heard statements. These statements demonstrate rationalization of behavior by an individual to others & even to himself/herself. Rationalization to self, creates a flawed self concept & also has the negative impact of not learning from own mistakes. Such an individual is likely to repeat the same mistake again & again. His stubbornness will prevent improvement.
Now read these statements:
“I got a good rank because I worked hard”
“I scored a century because I concentrated well”
It is common human nature to attribute good things/successes to ourselves-that is our capabilities & effort & for failures we tend to blame external factors & luck. This in brief is the essence of “Attribution Theory”– a topic in the field of Psychology. The first series of statements are blaming external factors for a poor performance & second set of statements are taking credit for good performance.

We are Responsible for our Lives

The truth is that in the long run external factors do not play a major role in how our lives & careers progress, but primarily depend upon our abilities & efforts. We should remember this important truth & attribute failures  to ourselves, as well as successes. In short we should realize that we are responsible for our lives- good & bad both.

Develop Right Attitude

The right attitude of a proactive person who takes responsibility for his actions and works to improve his future would be:
“I failed in SSB because my GK and English are weak; I will improve them and succeed next time!”
“My parents don’t trust me because of my past actions; I will make myself trustworthy and their attitude will automatically change!”
Thus, understanding the Attribution Theory, remembering it and utilizing it to develop the right attitude will set us on the path to continuous progress and success in life.
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