Help Urban Health Resource Centre (UHRC) Uplift Slum Dwellers

Help Urban Health Resource Centre (UHRC) Uplift Slum Dwellers

Urban Health Resource Centre (UHRC) is partnering with Mumbai Marathon 2016.Slum youth and UHRC well-wishers will be running the marathon to increase awareness about the cause and raise funds.

 Programme: Thrust Areas

The thrust areas of UHRC programme are:

  • Building self-reliance.
  • Evolving strategies to help communities.
  • Work to reduce gender inequality.
  • Formation of women’s and children’s groups to strengthen social cohesion in slums.

UHRC Methodology

 UHRC works toward building the slum dwellers capability to take charge of processes that affect family economics, health, education, nutrition, housing improvement and overall social well-being. UHRC enables slum community groups to:

  • Acquire knowledge.
  • Build negotiations skills (such as sending collective applications to civic authorities).
  • Build capability to improve their living environment and to increase access to health, nutrition and social entitlements through different government agencies.


Please make a donation on pages of young energetic fundraisers Nandini and Jatan and slum -youth: 17 yr old Varsha, Satish,and Nisha and 20 yr old Dilip :

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  1. This is a very noble cause and I would like to be part of any organization which is working for the cause of social upliftment of the marginalized sections of the society . I am presently working on a Smart Village initiative of Govt of India .

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