urcuppalife.com is a website administered by Nishoo Ghosh that endeavours to bring versatile content from different walks of life by amateurs and experts. The ideas range from managing kids to excellent cooking and art.  You can enjoy the ideas and information with your cup of coffee/tea. It could be a good way to start your morning on a bright note and keep you optimistic all day long, or enjoy a relaxed evening with urcuppalife.com.

Nishoo Ghosh

Nishoo Ghosh is a marketing enthusiast and blogger based in Dubai. Maj Devi Sharan, her father, was the first company commander, who guided me about the Army when I joined 20 PUNJAB as a 2 Lt in Jan 1983. The senior citizen continues to guide us till date. Nishoo Ghosh has recently started the website and would be glad to incorporate views of visitors to urcuppalife.com.

Visit: urcuppalife.com

I request visitors to nofrillsacademy.com to please visit Nishoo Ghosh’s website : urcuppalife.com. The contact details of Nishoo Ghosh and urcuppalife.com are given below:
You can subscribe for updates @ http://urcuppalife.com/subscribe/

Nishoo Ghosh
Marketing Enthusiast and Blogger+971509144666 | ghoshnishoo@gmail.com | www.urcuppalife.com


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