Why USA funds Terrorism through Pakistan?

Why USA funds Terrorism through Pakistan?

“Why US funds Terrorism through Pakistan?” is an interesting topic. It does not have an easy answer. In this blog I have analyzed the topic for the benefit of visitors to my website.

USA has enough proof of Pakistani government and military support to terrorists. Yet USA taxpayers continue to provide massive financial and arms support to Pakistan. In analyzing the subject the factors considered are: USA, China (rival to USA’s superpower status), Pakistan and neighbours.


 USA is the sole superpower. She is keen to maintain this status for as long as possible. Pakistan is essential for USA’s energy security. Given its proximity to two of the world’s major oil reserves – Central and West Asia, USA is keen to maintain indirect influence in the region. Important power having influence in the region is China. In case USA’s influence is eroded, influence of China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE would rise, which is inimical to USA’s interests. A resurgent Russia is another power, having potential for meddling in the region through Afghanistan.USA would like to prevent that.


Pakistan borders Afghanistan (where USA is fighting her longest ever battle), Iran (which could be the theatre of a future war), China (America’s biggest trade partner) and India (one of America’s strong allies in the region).

Pakistan provides access to Central Asia, West Asia and South Asia – three of the most critical regions for world peace.

Pakistan is one of the most troubled nations and the only unstable nuclear power in the world. By funding Pakistan, US gains “INDIRECT CONTROL” over her actions.  Pakistan is not expected to mend her ways by anyone in the near future. This can happen only through better education & democracy taking deeper roots in the long run. However, the risk of Pakistan imploding along with her nuclear weapons is a far scarier and quite probable prospect, compared with the trouble she creates now.


China has supported Pakistan against USSR, as well as India in the past. She has a strategic understanding with Pakistan. She is responsible for making Pakistan a nuclear power and continues to provide financial  and arms support. China is a potential rival to USA’s super power status. From that perspective her desire for “INDIRECT CONTROL” in the region is similar to that of the USA. China is also interested in the oil reserves of West and Central Asia. She has investments in Iran which need security.

Neighbours (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE & Afghanistan)

Afghanistan is a battleground for rival factions and is likely to continue to witness violence and domination by radical religious fundamentalists, preventing growth and progress in the region. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE are a source of funds to support terrorists in the region, as also those operating against India.

Options for USA

Option A   USA to stop funding Pakistan. This will lead to their reduced influence and increased influence of China. The potential of Pakistan disintegrating will become higher, thereby posing greater threat to World peace and USA’s own security, (Osama Bin Laden was provided safety by Pakistan).

Option B    USA continues status-quo of funding Pakistan to have “INDIRECT CONTROL” in the region.

Option C    USA somehow makes the Pakistani population better educated, democratic norms to take deeper roots, erode preeminence of the Army, destroy the nuclear weapons and make South Asia a peaceful region.

Conclusion-Why USA funds Terrorism through Pakistan?

USA has to opt for Option B although Option C is most desirable, but is not feasible. So long as USA is the preeminent power in the World she will never opt for Option A. Thus we see USA funding terrorism through Pakistan, because she does not have a better option!

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