Students' Vicious Tuitions’ Trap

Students’ Vicious Tuitions’ Trap

I interact with some students of 11th/ 12th classes. Their daily schedule is somewhat as follows:

  • 07:30 am to 2:00 pm- school- (quality of learning is of a low order).
  • 2: 30 to 3:30- Math tuition.
  • 4:00 to 5:00 – Physics tuition.
  • 5:30 to 6:30- Chemistry tuition.
  • 7:00 to 9:00 pm – homework.
  • After 9:00 pm- no energy left to do anything.

Corollary of Students’ Schedule

  • Students have no time to exercise or play games or do leisure reading or engage in any extracurricular activity. They miss out on such vital aspects required for all round development. They are found to be unsuitable for selection by SSB.
  • Since the focus is PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Math) they are poor in all other subjects and definitely English language. Thus communication skill is below the acceptable level at SSB.
  • The schedule leaves little time to even eat properly. Physical fitness is found to be below acceptable level when checked at SSB.

Psychological Problems Created by Lifestyle

  • Students are perpetually harassed.
  • Students develop a dependent type nature. When any weakness in personality is assessed the tendency is to take some additional tuition classes for English/General Knowledge, rather than prepare on their own. This nature of dependence is unsuited for any profession that they may join where independent nature and self reliance are valued qualities.
  • Habit of wasting time gets well ingrained in the nature of the students. Students continue to work with the same ethos once they join the corporate. There are very little chances of such students qualifying for NDA or TES.
  • I did regular PGDM with students bred in the above described culture from 2006-08 as a Col. I maintained my lifestyle of regular exercise, games, sleeping at 10:00 pm and fulfilling my domestic responsibilities of a married person with a son and dependent parents. My colleagues had no such responsibilities and used to study till 1:30 am as a routine. Some of them had done BBA and so were well acquainted with all the subjects being taught. 90% of my colleagues performed worse than me in studies!
  • Students of sports schools, RIMC and ‘sainik’ schools spend 3-4 hours in sports and extracurricular activities and perform well in their lives. My son was in a Tennis Academy (Chandigarh Lawn Tennis Association- CLTA) from 8th to 10th. The children spent about 5 hours per day in Tennis and much more when they went out for tournaments. One of his colleagues was Akshay Joshi, who not only joined NDA but got the sword of honour at IMA (first in merit).
  • The students in general develop distaste for studies. Their motivation to learn is weak. This habit continues later in life as well.

What is the Way Out?

This stupid schedule of wasting time in school and then attending 3 extra tuition classes per day is the creation of:

  1. Insecure parents.
  2. Incompetent school teachers.
  3. Tutors focused on money making.
  4. Insecure students who display the ‘herd mentality’ of living this lifestyle and display inadequate confidence or courage to break this vicious trap.

This schedule can be easily broken by focusing well in school on the subjects taught, taking part in games and extracurricular activities and having time daily to enjoy some leisure reading and pursue some hobby. In case a student finds some serious weakness in some subject and is advised by the school then extra tuition classes may be taken as an exception for a short duration. The society has converted the exception into the rule to churn out the students which we get today in India. At SSBs we reject 90% of them!


This tuitions’ trap is a stupid thing to get into. It is interesting to note that 90% of parents and students are falling into this trap which assuredly produces incompetent young Indian citizens. Please have the courage to break this trap and emerge a more competent person. Please share this blog with students caught in the ‘Vicious Tuitions’ Trap’ and request them to share it with their parents.

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