Vivek Regains Self-belief to Clear SSB

Vivek Regains Self-belief to Clear SSB

VIVEK KUMAR /+91-9028058216/  of No Frills Academy, working with Tata Motors, cleared SSB in his 10th attempt. He shares his experience for the benefit of visitors to No Frills Academy Page and website.

Vivek’s Words:

The journey started with the belief in my abilities to excel as a Commissioned Officer. However, a couple of Non Recommendations and then getting screened out at SSB created self-doubts.  I also began to doubt the process. The poor guidance of friends and seniors in the academy or in the forces didn’t help me much. Rather it worsened my performance. After discussion with Nehru Sir most of the myths about SSB were busted (please visit to get this help). I regained faith in the SSB process and more importantly myself. He asked me to read his blogs about personality issues and then discuss with him. This offered me greater clarity on several issues.

Greater Effectiveness at Home and Office

When it came to assessing me, he asked me to submit some psychology test responses and then discussed them with me. A sincere attempt was made by Sir to improve my personal life and professional conduct. This offered me great benefits at home and office and boosted my self-confidence. Regular runs and exercises suggested by Sir not only boosted my stamina but also enabled me to lead a more organized life. I realized that the testing process at SSB is just a sample of our routine life. If that is being led well then we should be cleared by SSB.
As suggested by Sir, I started following the current events and diverse subjects of international relations, Indian and world economy, Indian Geography and so on and developed greater insights on the subjects after regular discussions with him. Discussions on these topics boosted my confidence and opened new avenues of thought.

Regained Confidence Brought Success

With a transformed and confident self I appeared for my SSB at 2AFSB Mysore for AFCAT entry and was recommended. I was surprised to realize that when I was calm and confident ideas came to me to solve the various GTO tasks without having once discussed PGT, HGT, etc with Sir. Clearing this SSB was a byproduct of the positive changes I had made through the unique guidance program of No Frills Academy.
I am optimistic that after clearing my medicals I will be in the merit to join the Air Force Academy and serve the nation with pride.

My Comments

Vivek should have been selected long back had he improved his fitness marginally & not been influenced by the misguidance of his friends who had been selected & were in training. Vivek remains an interesting case like Akanksha for me. I led him away from the SSB obsession which led him to succeed. I had banned him from discussing anything about SSB with me. It was only post his selection that we analyzed as to how this benefited him. He is doing well in Navy & remains in touch.

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  1. very inspiring….congrats to u and the man behind ur success.
    i was fortunate enough, i listened to him on youtube…and did a bit of research as to which coaching to join.
    i found myself more comfortable with this mode of one-to- one interaction with a person who has been a part of ssb selection system for a long time….i am yet to prove myself at afsb varanasi in coming mar 17 hoping for the best……i didnt go for 10-15 day making up of the personality rather chose to change my personality gradually under the guidance of a competent person in a scientific way….after all ssb has to do with ur personality only nothing more and nothing less.

  2. This is exactly true even I was so much obsessed with SSB and constantly keep on discussing about it from any random guy and keep on looking for videos on YouTube. I have got so much knowledge about how not to crack SSB and mistakes made at SSB and keep on working and finally when the SSB day came I got screened in. I was among 27/300 candidates who got screened everything seems good but then this obsession of mine of SSB led me to discuss about it with some recommended guy there waiting for medicals. My bad was I met a guy who was Conference Out last 5 times and then made it this time, he told me such things that made me scared very much. I was very tired after screening process and couldn’t do anything but went to sleep and then wake up at 12 Am to study for 1 hour about basic knowledge of armed forces after studying for 1 and half hour I went to sleep but couldn’t sleep because the place was new and questions of interview keep on coming my head. That obsession of ssb led me to make my psychology worst and I Told this exact scenario to the interviewer when he asked how was psych test. I did extremely well at GTO because I realized my mistake till then but the result was obvious I got Conference Out.
    Of course because of this mindset I must have started making silly mistakes at interview and GTO as well.
    All I want to say from this experience is that just be a good person solve your issues by yourself and give your best in life it will get reflected in ssb and stop looking for GYAN everywhere.

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