Aspirants waste a lot of time trying to excel in the WAT test. They learn wrong tips about the test from numerous websites and other sources. Often I find that aspirants find it difficult to write a sentence in 15 seconds. Given below are sentences written by one of my students (all inside 10 seconds). This guy is an almost sure case for selection. Please read and benefit from the samples.

   1)     Reading books increases knowledge.

2)     Good behavior fetches respect.

3)     Mother shows selfless love.

4)     Toppers have zeal and enthusiasm.

5)     Honesty requires courage.

6)     Children have pure souls.

7)     Death is inevitable.

8)     Pilots need to be very careful in the aircraft.

9) Self-doubts degrade performance.

10)  Good teachers connect well with the students.

11)  Worrying hampers learning.

12)  Sports are a great teacher.

13)  Hard work gets rewarded.

14)  Villages have less pollution.

15)  Greed strains relations.

16)  Army is a disciplined organization

17)  Good teammates cooperate.

18)  Books are a great company.

19)  War drains the economy.

20)        Timely actions fix the problem.

21)  Laziness reduces the chances of success.

22)  Insulting someone is poor conduct.

23)  Victory comes at a cost.

24)  Favourite food always appeals.

25)  Death creates a void.

26)  Reward motivates a person.

27)  Uniformity improves bonding.

28)  Fear degrades performance.

29)  Time is a precious resource.

30)  Home is complete with a family.

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