WAT Tips

WAT Tips

I notice several common mistakes being made in WAT of SSB by aspirants. I have discussed them for the benefit of visitors to: nofrillsaacdemy.com as well as my facebook page: No Frills Academy.

WAT: Write Complete,Correct Sentences

Please do not use the incorrect e-mail or mobile messages language in WAT. Write correct and complete sentences.

  • Examples of incorrect sentences along with the corrected versions are given below:
    • Word: Mother:
      • Incorrect sentence: Symbol of love.
      • Correct sentence: Mother is a symbol of love.
    • Word: Pain:
      • Incorrect sentence: No pain, no gain.
      • Correct sentence: It is commonly believed that without undergoing pain there can be no gain.

Note: By making spelling and grammatical mistakes you are giving clear evidence of ‘poor written communication skills’. This is enough reason for being rejected.

Avoid Impressing by GK in WAT

Please do not try to impress the assessor with your GK in WAT. The reason is that generally the GK is likely to be faulty and it will show you in poor light.

  • Examples of incorrect sentences along with the corrected versions are given below:
    • Word: Longest:
      • Incorrect GK: 21 June is the longest day.
      • Correct GK: 21 June is the longest day in the Northern hemisphere.
    • Word: Eradicate:
      • Incorrect GK: Demonetization eradicated black money from India.
      • Correct GK: PM Modi claimed that demonetization was a step towards eradication of black money from India.


Nonsense About WAT Being Promoted in Websites & Coaching Academies

There is considerable amount of nonsense being promoted by websites and coaching academies. Some of the ideas that I have heard from my coached students are:

  • Not to use negative words like “not”, “cannot”, “do not”
  • Sample of some absolutely good sentences using the above words are:
    • A leader must not make biased decisions.
    • I cannot solve a complex problem without understanding it well.
    • I do not waste my time in mugging up but prefer understanding the concepts of subjects thoroughly.

There are some other ideas being promoted about WAT which I do not remember but know for sure that SSB aspirants will do well to ignore them totally.

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