Why Do You Want To Join Indian Armed Forces Answer From No Frills Academy Facebook Page

Why Do You Want To Join Indian Armed Forces Answer From No Frills Academy Facebook Page

Why Do You Want To Join Indian Armed Forces Answer From No Frills Academy Facebook Page–Hello there all aspirants recently asked a common question which is asked is most time is SSB Interview,In Our Facebook fan page (you can like our facebook Fan page from this link ).Lot of Student became part of our this question and most of them give very good answer which will helpful for your upcoming SSB you can get lot of Idea from this blog post.
All Answers Are good but some are best the name of students who gave best answer (I think)
Anup Dubey,Kartik Baswana,Navneet Singh,Gaurav Singh,Ambuj Tiwari,Nethaji Chan,Aryush Singh,Jayanta Kumar Ghosh,Shubham Nagare,  Sushant Bhagwat,Babjee Pasupulati,Ankit Kumar,Arjun Madhusudhanan And Vandana Jha You can follow them by clicking on their name

Lets Start Why Do You Want To Join Indian Armed Forces Answer From No Frills Academy Facebook Page

Anup Dubey a better life, handsome salary along with other benefits, adventurous life, a great job in which we always face new challenges everyday also we learn many things, we get to visit new places also its the passion to join the armed forces.. these are the things which motivate me to join the army..

Chanderkant Yadav Bhatotia which things not given by armed force & civilian job give

Kartik Baswana “Sir, I am a sportsperson and I would like to lead an active life, rather than being desk borne. I always like to travel and see new places and meet new people. Armed forces give amply opportunities to pursue sports and adventure activities. Further sir, I feel charmed by the glamour of the uniform and deeply respect the disciplined lifestyle attached with the uniform. It is perhaps one of the most dignified ways to lead the life and serve the nation with utmost pride and honour. Armed forces provides a very secure environment and is a very closely knit family which offers abundant support system from the organisation and lastly the pay, perks and the status attached with serving in the defence forces is immeasurable. Finally sir, I firmly believe that “Armed Forces, is not a Job, but it is a Way of Life”, and I wish to integrate with it”.

Navneet Singh Indian Defence Forces provides it’s soldier a “perfect balanced life style” regardless of ranks.
I would like to divide my answer in two parts. One with respect to “Life Style” it provides, and second with respect to “Employment Benefits”.
1. With Respect to Life Style
Indian Defence Forces makes you learn discipline of life, brotherhood, respect, pride, courage and most valuable is it provides you sense of service without selflessness. It provides you a prestigious life, with a pride of performing your duties. It provides opportunity to visit and live places at different places. It provides you an adventurous and challenging life.
You have a battalion which you will love more than your home. You have settled cantts which are homes away home which are 24*7 secured. You have sports, fitness and achievement in your daily curriculum. You will live among families of your brothers who will celebrate your happiness, every festival and every joy with you.
2. With respect to Employment
You have prestigious job which provides you handsome pays and perks. You have medical, accommodation, and csd facilities for you and your dependents. It’ gives you job security based on type of commission. Your bosses are true leaders of life. Your home is maintained wherever you are posted. It provides you opportunity to study further in your life and do different courses. It also provides you opportunity to travel abroad. It’s a complete packaged “job”.
Gaurav Singh the respect one get in forces is main reason . i hv done NCC and i hv seen many officers in there and i kind of like the life when i am in my camps . further i want to join infantry . infantry because if one thinks about army then the most adventurous is life in infantry . i wish to serve in siachen and also in counter insurgency-counter terrorism operations .

Ambuj Tiwari I want to join for myself, want to live like a officer lives, want to do Duty like a officer does with pride, want to be in IMA, want to be at siachen… N y not Indian Army when it has got every mean to live life like royal guy… Apart from all… I want to maintain the same faith of our citizens that there is Indian Army at the border to keep all of us safe…

Nagrajan MN For 3g
3.glory and that moment of pride for my parent at IMA’s PoP

Shubhmanpreet Singh I want to join Indian armed forces (Indian navy) because I m very much intersted in submarines, their working and I want to operate them and learn more about them.

Rajesh Kumar Paul For facing enemies…..like ISIS,…and to save my country ,my people, my family from these type of terrorists.

Akshay Bairagi Because it’s the only organisation where all your dreams like flying , every adventure sports be it skydiving, mountaineering are all part of job itself and also you get paid for it

JesusDeepak Bernard I want to earn that honour of serving the motherland

Nethaji Chan Indian Armed Forces is one of the best organisation to work. It gives opportunity to work and learn under great leadership and to learn leadership. A very disciplined way of life with very good facilities. On top of everything serving to the motherland.

Surjeet Choudhury Suggest some other life for martyrs… Live for country..die for country.. Jai hind

Chandra Prakash ever since i remember i wanted to join the army n because i have been dreaming about it since i was in diapers long story short the uniform the guns and to create history

Nitish Kumar I want to join Armed Forces because of awesome Pay structure it offers and one of the robust and world class medical support provided to me and my family by AMC for my complete life.
Job security and the respect from the social environment it gives is unparalleled.
Abhinav Chaturvedi Also adventurous life , faith on brothers and a respect in society as well

Abhinav Chaturvedi It’s about passion. The passion of dress , honor. Inspite of having a job with respectable salary and all amenities , one cannot enjoy life as much aad one can in armed forces

Vibhor Mittal Because they live by chance ,love by choice and kill by profession.

Prathist Dora to serve the country

Prashant Kataria to live with respect and dignity

Deepak Kumar Singh since my childhood I saw the disciplined and punctual lifestyle of defence person. because my father was in army.so its my childhood dream to become an army officer.and it,s a adventurous life. I like to live it rather than 9 to 5 desk job. and last pay and perks are quite good.

Aryush Singh It gives a way to life,mission and vision to life ,it gives a direct way of serving my motherland besides that it will give me earning or salary to fulfill my all needs and some greeds,it will give me respect in the society , its provide oceans of opportunity to discover ourself more in depth ,its provides to know the our motherland right from kanyakumari to kashmir as we come to know india diversity, it holds up secular values, it provide life full of adventure,it gives us the opportunity to directly represent india in olympics like milka singh etc 

Jayanta Kumar Ghosh Armed forces offer me an unique opportunity. I can join trade of my choice , be it law , education , engineering or something else . At the same time it gives me a chance to do lead an adventurous life by joining commando courses , paratrooping etc. ArmedForces offers me a finely balanced career where I can horn my trade skills and at same time live an exciting life of leading motivated men

Shubham Nagare as it is said by many that joining armed forces is not a job but also a way of life …is very much true ……..first motive : to be one of the person who protects his motherland till his death…i’m very much inspired by shahid bhagat singh…he’s my inspiration…and now my personal motive : to be a well designated officer…in which a sense of proudness comes out in just saying my designation…and lastly for a greedy purpose : for having a handsome salary…….

Ravi Malik i want to join indian army for passion and pride

Ashish Tomar I want going Indian armed forces because I do service for nation

Kunwar Himanshu Thakur I want to contribute for my nation, i also want to conquer my fear of height, and i want to live a discipline life, i also want to live for my nation, so that i can secure my country

Chandu Kumar Serve my country in upcoming time.
Its my zeal to protect it from others
Jai hindh..

Amit Raj Verma The vast variety of adventure, opportunities, the respect and integrity which army offers is far beyond anything moreover it’s not a job it is a service for nation,. 

Shaikh Suraj Alinowhere in d world u can b a CEO on d first day of ur job, u can drive a 55 crore car (tank) on ur first day which money can’t buy, ur job is secured ur family get complete security, awesome salary with perks apart from it u get d satisfaction f doing ur dream job, I have one personal reason is dat one day my father asked me wat u want to do in ur life?
I was very much confident and I told him that I really want to join armed forces ..so in his reply to me he has that shine in his eyes and he told me that he really wants to see me as the Commanding Officer of the same unit he has served for 28 yrs as a JCO…I was very much moved by his reply and I will make his vision and my dream a reality..smile emoticon
Baradhwaj Badrinarayanan reputation , many thing’s i havent learnt i life and which i want to for which i want to use this as a platform to prove who i am everyone will face death but when i die i want to satisfy my soul by saying that yes you have also done ur bit to ur country moreover it is the only professional which no one can force u to take up

Sushant Bhagwat there are many reasons behind joining army
1. it will be a matter of honor to wear a olive green uniform with star studded sholders & tht proud feeling of become an 1st officer.from the family.
2. for the love of adventure ,arms,sports, handsome perks & allowances, army gives a much better lifestyle.
3. to become a part of world’s most finest breed & hv tht lineage for a lifetime; a quickest way to become a class 1 gazzeted officer.
4. & last but not the list to serve the motherland instead making billions to any mnc.
5.my fav lines abt joining army: its said tht indian army is life less ordinary…then yeah ..i dont want to die ordinary !
jai hind sir ! smile emoticon
Babjee Pasupulati pride, honesty, discipline, time punctuality, brotherhood, manliness, commanding, comaredship these are the things which can’t buy or earned with money these are the things which are to be earned on our own and this opportunity will be given by only Indian army not only this adventures life and Indian army provides the best way to serve our Nation if I have one more life I will join in only Indian army to serve my Nation

Ankit Kumar I love adventure, i proved my leadership qualities at school and college level as per requirement, but that is too less, its Army that will give me an opportunity to b a real leader and lots of opportunities to learn new things….my family will feel proud to say that my son is Captain Ankit, to those who say my son is a software engineer at MNC. My parents will proudly say your son is safe because my son and his other family(Army) is saving you from any external threat…Army is not a life….its a life less ordinary

Arjun Madhusudhanan According to me salary, other benefits come last, to serve our country with pride comes first. No matter loosing life,
but before you loose prove your blood who you are. Armed forces is a full of adventure life to enjoy and struggle lot, also joining armed forces, we can enjoy
all benefits.By joining the armed forces, you will be transforming from boy to gentleman, it teaches discipline, brings out our real courage.Getting high salary,
ac room, other benefits will not give you the real happiness, serve for our country with braveness, that’s the happiness which is not equal to tons of
money. Never mind others, who cares armed forces or not, lets do our best and armed forces is the best. JAI HIND!! 

Vandana Jha Armed forces is the only organization which provides a single platform to perform n thereby enhance one’s physical, mental, social attributes, being a girl I wanna enhance my physical robustness as a part of my daily routine as a compulsion by the organization , wanna be a part of huge team work that runs on unity, discipline, integrity, wanna work with the organization which gives me enough opportunity to present my strategic skills, problem solving behaviour n to utilize my technical abilities n tactics which I have been studied n in addition with all above points will have privilege to serve the nation being third generation person from my family..so, armed forces is the only organization which provides me all the above together on the single platform which any organization cannot provide me together on single platform of that concerned workplace that is why joining armed forces is neither option nor a choice for me but it is a way of life, i want to live with the rest of my life.

धीरज मिश्रा repect its best organization in country where i can serve my country ….. it will previlleged to be part of glorious organization

Ankush Kathpal One thing is common among most of us, Our life has been dedicated to the noblest cause to that of service to Nation and doing good to all. And for some Army aspirant, there is no rest or wordly desire that can lure them.
Yes, this service offers a good salary & adventureous life too.which motivates us. But the intinal thing said motivate even more and some time even in the form of goose bumps. Army makes one a Gentleman in his real life.
From my last 3 years of service in 2nd line of defence as a CSM I have learnt alot and I wishes to continue this as an officer in Indian Army.

Ankit Singh Sikarwar At serve and sacrifice on mother land

Ranvir Singh because it is like a one family where officers are committed for the welfare of NCOs and inturn all other ranks respect their seniors in this family no one is hindu muslim sikh they all are indians having same blood colour and same uniform…… jai hind

Yvr Vijay I wanted adventure and pride. I hated the thought of a desk job. I was fascinated by marching contingents at the Republic Day. As a teenager I thought that is a better life. I now know that the Army is the best life. Money is not the end of life. I wish I can get back.

Swapna Gupta Really?Good. But after retirement no body will respect you…think about the veterans…you will not get your proper dues also….don’t just dream……better join the politics. ..that’s much more beneficial. ..you don’t need any qualifications also….

ShaGun Singh Rana Because only army can invest lakhs upon me without seeing any motive of profit from me
But only the service from me

Yamini Attri ARMY word explains discipline, dedication, self of belongingness, respect for others. Had been given a chance wld definetly be in army.

Vivek Tiwari Bittoo because I love adventure

Deepanshu Khatri For the defence of Mother India, so that the people living on it could live without any fear, childrens living on it could play and study with joy to make a bright future of Mother India.
Side by side-
Good salary
Splendid and disciplined life.

Shashank Dhavala In single line why I like to join –
To sever & save my country till I m alive..

Samadhan Bagav benefite of armed forces also these is diciplice life and to get a chance to serve the motherland and defence life is adventure life .we get a chance for joint exerxise with another cuntry army

Aveek Pal Because my country needs me.

Abhilash Bonu Its because to serve the Nation, The Dignity & Pride , the Discipline, Higher & Healthy standards of Lifestyle , Challenging lifestyle which benefits you personally & professionally & also sets you as a role model for your Family & surrounding Community, thus we can live an inspirational life

Himanshu Shukla because a soilder is very true from his nature he has his own importance in life and also he don’t need to show his fake nature as normally people does

Vishal Choudhary 1. Unique and one of the best work culture in world. 2. A life in which one can develop each passing day 3. A career full of opportunities and adventures 4. handsome salary and facilities 5. the most imp thing is the UNIFORM offering you responsibility and incredible amount if respect!

Pritesh Sharma Being an Indian it’s my right and responsibility to serve my nation and to feed my family.

Lokesh Katuri because it is my childhood dream to become an officer in armed forces and it is not a job it is a way of life .

Amit Saini As i want to do the job for my nation…..

Shirish Dubey Sir..As my father was in army and i have grown up seeing lives of soilders in cantt area.. Which have always motivated me to join army. Further, the notion that a commerce graduate generally couldnt make it to the academy further adds up to it.
Sir its my dream to join army.

Sreenivasa Bhargav Indian Armed Forces give me an opportunity to serve India. moreover, i feel a deep sense of satisfaction when i know that i can even put my life on the line for the protection of my country. no other feeling can give that much satisfaction.

Raju Pilla It’s a punctuality life being always the accurate system . a soldier be perfect physical efficiency , ease to good facilities rather than other jobs

Shivkant Yadav To live a life Less Ordinary

Ajay Hanumant Hajare Because my dream join in the indian army and mujhe lagata hay ki indian army ek sahasik jindgi jiti hay

Ajit Jadhav To protect my motherland in repectfull manner.

Adonis Abhiroop Barua give me param veer chakra…….

Shivam Singh The courageous guys of the country who r not afraid of death and nearing death is common for them the job offer them the personality which any job cannot

Rishabh Singh 1. Respect of uniform
2. Life full of adventure
3. Want to die for a noble cause
4. Want to use my intelligence and energy for the nation
5. Dream of using arms and being a part of different anti terrorism missions
6. My love to do something done by few.

Sukhoi Issac Responsibility

Anand Rao As a career in Indian armed forces my work will always challenge me to keep myself mentally and physically fit which i always like to be, moreover it will give me an opportunity to travel new places and to meet new people which is adventurous in itself. I always feel motivated with the uniform of armed forces and think it is the best way to serve the nation . In short by joining armed forces I can live my life up to its full strength by exploring best in me.

Hardik Singh Negi To Earn PARAMVIR CHAKRA

Nisar Ahmad Wani i as an engieer want to join defence sevices ( territorial army) because it is the only organisation which is full of actions adventure discipline challanges and teamwork and provides opportunity to prove ur leadership and organisingability

Ashutosh Patel I love Indian army

Vikram Vipul There are several factors contributing to this decision of mine ….Firstly ,a life less ordianry ,adventure ,courage ,passion ,sense of pride and willingness to serve with a mark,and differene …secondly ,i think ,in the long run , this will add more accountability ,decision making skills to my overall personality and would help me become a better and disciplined human being . And more importantly ,i think it will contribute to the my greater goal of giving a proper ,well defined meaning to my life as well as increased social recognition ,respect for my family etc.Thirdly ,to become the part of an organisation which stands distinct and firm as compared to other govt organisations ( with respect to job satisfaction ,accountability ,corruption rate , respect to everyone’s faiths and opinions etc ) ….lastly personally speaking , i have seen no one other than my fufaji join the army ,i want to take it further …it will mean like my dream come true if i could make it there where i long to belong …..my heartiest thanks to you mani sir for providing me iwtha a chance to express my goal .That’s all sir from my side …..vikram vipul
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  1. Why do I want to join Indian armed force s?
    to reach on the top of selfless nes, success , glory , self and societiel respect
    to be the representative of faith of million of Indians, to be the member of the daredevils team who enjoys the task on which everybody rose hands,,,
    to make my parents glorified with pinning badge on my shoulder.
    to complete my dreams of. highest parajumping, becoming fighter pilot, to exploit all my technological knowledge and attitude under perfect leadership, to be the real Commander not boss in life earn respect in eyes of everyone,,,,, to earn money with full efforts.
    lot more can’t b said lot of emotions in heart but controlling them to b overflow d. jai hind jai hind ki sena

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