Why Media's Credibility is in Doubt?

Why Media’s Credibility is in Doubt?

Indian media is suffering a serious crisis of credibility. There are three major reasons for this. In this blog I have analysed them as the bad, worse & worst reasons.

  • Bad Reason: Modi
  • Modi has spent considerable energy to suppress the media. Just consider Modi’s efforts to harass NDTV, The Wire, Prasun Bajpai and Ravish Kumar. Please listen to these:
  • https://youtu.be/ITa9rKpK8h4
  • https://youtu.be/OK0ROBXlJ2g
  • Worse Reason: Spineless media.
  • Indian media is producing spineless sycophants, spreading hatred and promoting Modi’s agenda, acting like journalists/reporters. The worst samples are Arnab Goswami & Prasun Joshi.
  • Listen to these samples of spineless behaviour of spineless/shameless media.
  • https://youtu.be/oOZwbMrDqng
  • https://youtu.be/WYEyFMaef4M
  • Worst Reason: You the Public!
  • Yes, you the public support the sycophants and propagandists more than honest reporting. You love to share the false propaganda spread by Modi’s IT Cell through WhatsApp which has made PM Nehru the biggest criminal ever born in Indian politics and Modi the biggest saviour of India from all threats (internal & external, more imaginary than real).This is the biggest reason that we have the trash media today. Stop watching these unscrupulous sycophants spreading hatred & falsehood & you will get more credible media guys like Ravish & Prasun Bajpai. Like the government, we get the media we deserve!
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