Why Regular Exercise?

Why Regular Exercise?

I advise all my students to exercise regularly because of the apparent and not so apparent benefits. I am highlighting some lesser known benefits.

  • Improves Cognitive ability. Please read my earlier blog on the topic for details.
  • Improve Discipline. Often exercise is the first major activity of the day. Regularity in it brings a great sense of discipline and organization to life.
  • Stress Buster. Exercise is a great stress buster and uplifts our mood. It has great all round benefits.
  • Improves Confidence. A sense of well being and regularity in life increases our sense of self control and boosts confidence.
  • Improves Will power. When a person strives to test the limits of strength or endurance, he has to undergo pain and improves tolerance. Exercising can thus be used to improve our will power and determination.
  • Reduce chances of falling ill. Regular exercise improves our immune system. We expel toxins from our body and become healthier.
  • Better Sleep and Memory. Regular exercise improves our sleep and memory.
  • Improves Stress Tolerance. Regular exercising results in lowered BP and pulse rate, (top long distance runners generally have pulse rates in 40s per minute). When experiencing stress our pulse rate and BP shoots up. Unfit people can get a stroke under stress. A person with well trained heart and lungs is unlikely to do so. He will remain calmer under stress, because of the intimate relationship between the psychological and physiological functions of the body.
  • Increases Energy. Regular exercising enhances our energy level to perform all our chores. We can thus perform more in lesser time. We can thus read more, work more and get more time to rest as well. We thus become more efficient.


The benefits of regular exercising are numerous. I have highlighted just a few lesser known benefits. For these reasons I advise all my students, irrespective of their age to exercise regularly.

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