Withdrawal – Worse than Not being Recommended

Withdrawal – Worse than Not being Recommended

Every term a few candidates are withdrawn from Defence Services training establishments. Getting withdrawn is worse than being not recommended. Let us analyse the major common reasons for withdrawal to seek solutions to the problem.

Major Common Causes for Withdrawal

Stress Fractures

stress fracture, is a fatigue-induced fracture of the bone caused by repeated stress over time. Instead of resulting from a single severe impact, stress fractures are the result of accumulated trauma from repeated submaximal loading, such as running or jumping. Because of this mechanism, stress fractures are common overuse injuries in defence services trainees. Stress fractures most frequently occur in the tibia.


The reason for stress fracture is that the muscles in the lower leg are weak and when tired they are unable to support the lower leg, causing the bone to take the entire load, leading to stress fracture of the tibia.

10 Metre Jump

As a test of confidence, trainees are required to jump from 10 metres in the swimming pool. Some candidates lack confidence and refuse to jump from 10 metres. Such candidates are withdrawn for lack of confidence.

Remedial Measures


Stress Fracture

During my entire service I never heard of a Gurkha, Bhutanese or a Manipuri trainee getting a stress fracture. The reason was that these trainees had strong calf muscles. Thus training of calf muscles is essential to prevention of stress fracture. It is the strongest muscle in the body and can be trained at a higher frequency than other muscles (requires lesser recovery time). I thus advise all potential officer trainees to strengthen their calf muscles before joining the training academies. They should continue to do regular exercise for the calf muscles after joining the training academies too in order to prevent stress fracture of the tibia.
During training please try to reduce the following:

  • Sprinting on down slopes on road.
  • Playing Basketball on cemented courts.
  • Vaulting horse on cemented surface.

10 Metres Jump

Having knowledge that 10 metre jump is mandatory to become an officer is good mental preparation for prospective candidates. If you are scared of jumping from 10 metres then you can slowly build up your confidence by gradually increasing the height from where to jump- 2 metres then 3, then 4 and so on till you can jump from 10 metres confidently. The same methodology can be applied during training as well. The instructional staff can do well not to create a sense of fear among the trainees and encourage trainees to pass.

Withdrawal is Worse than Not Being Recommended

A candidate who is not recommended by SSB feels bad for some time. He/she gets back to studies or works and forgets about the SSB experience in due course of time. A candidate who gets withdrawn has lost a large amount of time in training for a job for which he/she is found unfit. Moreover, the young person has to change his line of work and has to live his entire life with the stigma that he had failed to cope up with difficulties in training and is to that extent ‘not good enough’. This is very bad for the psychology of the withdrawn person.

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