Women Defence Officer Aspirants

Women Defence Officer Aspirants

Women entries as officers in the defence services are increasing and are due to increase further. The number of vacancies for women is still very few. One of my students was cleared to join the Air Force but could not join because she did not make it in the merit. For women keen to join the services as officers it is not only important to qualify the written and SSB, or just the SSB, but also to make it in the merit. This blog focuses on guiding women defence aspirants keen to join as officers.

Few Vacancies

As of now the vacancies for women are few, much fewer than men. A simple corollary of this truth is that it is more difficult for women to enter the officer cadre compared to men. Thus women aspirants need to work much harder to get selected to join the officers’ cadre.

Written Exam Entries versus Only SSB Entries

The vacancies generally are more in the entries which require clearance of a written exam rather than the entries for which only SSB is required. Hence in order to increase chances of selection it is better to focus on the entries which require qualifying a written exam.

Importance of Written Marks

In order to make it into the merit for selection the marks of written as well as SSB are totalled. Experience shows that variation in SSB marks among candidates is not large while marks in the written exam have larger variations. Thus scoring very good marks in written is very important to make it in the merit. Hence women aspirants should not think about the cut off marks in written but strive to score the highest possible marks to assure selection.

Final Tip for Women Aspirants

In order to increase chances of selection to become officers women candidates should opt for entries which have a written exam and focus on scoring high marks in the written exam as well as SSB.

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