Comparison of NFA with SSB Coaching Academies

Coaching Academies

  • 15-day capsule – ineffective
  • Only acquaintance with SSB
  • No personal attention
  • Misguidance about SSB
  • Teach: Short-cuts & manipulation
  • Stay at academies difficult & costly
  • Impact : Few days 
  • English: Improvement not feasible
  • Fitness: no improvement possible

Guidance at NFA

  • 3 months/1 year-effective
  • Comprehensive Personality Development
  • Guidance tailor made for each student
  • No misguidance
  • No short-cuts/manipulation taught
  • Stay at home-easy & cheaper
  • Impact: life-long
  • English: improved by oral/written practice
  • Fitness: great improvement; weight loss up to 30 kg

SSB Coaching Academies’ Teachings vs Real Needs

  1. Teach definitions of OLQs. Need: be a competent student or worker.
  2. Teach how to project a good image. Need: make yourself genuinely competent.
  3. Mugging up stories & practicing SRT. Need: decent common sense-learnt from practical experiences.
  4. Preparing answers to questions in the interview. Need: Decent language & knowledge; just listen to questions & answer honestly & confidently; be comfortable with what you know as well as what you don’t know.
  5. Anticipate/find out as to what may be asked & find good answers for the questions; Need: be competent at whatever you are doing and answer from your perspective.
  6. Forcibly developing hobbies & then enhancing knowledge about them. It is not needed at all. Doing so displays diffidence.
  7. Identifying & trying to rectify mistakes after failed SSB attempts. Need: holistic Personality Development.

Remember: Don’t try to impress; make yourself impressive.