Sustained Motivation Leads to Ajai’s Success

Sustained Motivation Leads to Ajai’s Success

Ajai, contact details: Ajai Bansala/Mob: 9837903911/e-mail:, of No Frills Academy cleared NDA SSB in first chance from Allahabad & would be joining NDA in Jan 2017. He has been unable to share his experience and hence I am writing this blog about Ajai’s success in SSB.

Initial Assessment

When I first interviewed Ajai, I found that he was physically fit, his communication skills were adequate. He was a nice and well behaved boy. He was highly motivated to join NDA. His academic performance had been quite weak and so also his GK.

Preparation for Success

I used his high motivation to energize his preparation for success. For almost 2 months he worked to gain clarity of his basic subjects-PCM. His performance rose, in the selected topics studied, from a 55 to 60 % level to 85 to 90 % level. We then worked to improve his GK for about one month. Explaining the SSB process and the various tests took just 4 days. He kept practicing for the OIR test twice a week and continued his regular fitness routine.

Success in First Chance

With about 3 months of preparation Ajai was quite confident of success. He knew that:

  • Considering Allahabad as a rejection center is a false myth.
  • His low marks in 12th will not affect his selection, provided he had clarity in understanding the subjects now.
  • His good GK will provide him knowledge and confidence for GDs, lecturette and interview.

Ajai cleared the SSB in his first attempt and would be joining NDA soon. Students of No Frills Academy and I wish him success in his future endeavors.

Sustained Motivation Leads to Success

The energy, focus and discipline maintained during the 3 months of preparation brought success to Ajai. Through sustained motivation he could change his personality for the better. During his training at NDA and future career he will face temptations to fall back to his past level of motivation, focus and energy or continue to sustain the level he achieved during the 3 months under my guidance. Sustained motivation, more than anything else, will decide his success in life!

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