Ajai Bansala’s Step towards NDA

Ajai’s Step towards NDA  

This is a guest blog by Ajai Bansala.
My dad has always believed that if you truly desire something then God comes in some or the other form to help. I didn’t use to believe this, but Nehru sir made me rethink. My father held Col Verma, his past CO in great esteem. Col Nehru had taught Col Verma at NDA & he had advised dad to take me to him.

Meeting Col Nehru

I still remember the first day when my father and I met Nehru sir. He shared his way of teaching; the way he focuses on overall development of an individual instead of focusing on the SSB procedure. He believed that if one has all round development then he will clear SSB. He told us that he first interacts with the student, finds his strengths and weaknesses and then devises plans to overcome those weaknesses. This is a unique technique which I guess no other coaching institute provides.

Col Nehru’s Guidance

He interviewed me and identified my strengths and weaknesses. We made a plan and started to work on my weaknesses: academic subjects and general knowledge.  I used to prepare certain topics from my subjects and then discuss them with sir. Wherever I went wrong I was corrected. This procedure went until I started grasping things with good clarity. If I had done that in school I would have scored much higher marks! We then shifted to GK. He gave me a list of topics to prepare. I used to prepare few of them and then used to discuss with sir and Bansal (my friend who provided me company). That helped me a lot in improving my GK. Except this, I used to do OIR practice at home. I also used to go on a daily run, do push- ups and sit-ups to maintain my physical fitness and read Indian Express Editorials.  I used to ask questions which struck my mind about GK topics and sir used to help me clarify my mind. He gave me a style of systematic thinking which would be relevant in GD, lecturette or writing answers. His blogs also helped me.

Success in First Attempt

Finally my date for SSB arrived and he explained the attitude required and the process in 3 days.  At each and every step at SSB his teachings were with me and helped me clear from 14 SSB Allahabad which is termed as a rejection centre. Trust me it’s just a myth. Similarly there were other myths as well which were cleared as I went under Nehru sir’s guidance.

Continued Relations

His motivation, guidance and style of thinking are going to help me in the coming life at NDA. I promise that the guidance of my teacher would never get wasted and I will make him proud with determined efforts!

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  1. sir, I am now studying in 11 class, and I was inspired to join NDA since when I was in 7th class presently I am studying general jee coaching and I want to join defense force. can you suggest a way to me to study for written as well as SSB for NDA.
    looking for your guideness

  2. Sir as my boards exam finish today. In my boards i had done 80 or 80+ in the subjects except maths sir my maths exam go very bad i will get only 35 out of 100 . And sir o want to join the indian air force ( flying branch) . Sir if i get good marks in nda will i get selected for it. And sir for this i will do anything to get selected.

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