Pranjul Clears SSB!

Pranjul Clears SSB!

Pranjul Misra; mob: 9004628100; e-mail: of No Frills Academy cleared SSB in his first attempt. All students of No Frills Academy and I congratulate him on his success. He has not been able to share his views. I am writing a brief about him.

Initial Status on Joining Guidance

Pranjul is a highly talented person. He is a Boxer, Power-lifter, Trekker and Shooter (10 m air rifle). He is energetic, confident, has good knowledge not only of his subjects (BBA) but also of several other fields. He has good oral and written communication skills. The only issue was that he needed to reduce weight by about 10 kg. With his considerable knowledge of sports he knew the method of weight reduction as well.

Pranjul’s Efforts

Pranjul exercised to reduce weight and improved upon his GK. We went over the SSB process and discussed and practiced few aspects of the SSB over a couple of months.

SSB Performance

Pranjul was fit for selection, performed as per potential and got selected.

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  1. With due respect.Stop taking credit for efforts of your “students” when they succeed. They succeed not because of you, but despite you…
    It won’t be long before everyone knows that you are scamming people in the name of guidance.

    • Thanks for your views! Pranjul should have cleared SSB even if he had not been guided by me. However, several candidates who cleared SSB in their 10th/13th attempt & were misguided by the websites & coaching academies definitely benefited from my guidance. Read the blogs of Tarun, Vivek, Amish & Akanksha. I am trying do good work as per my capacity. You are still welcome to hold your views!

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