Ashwin Gets Fitter through Perseverance and Patience

Ashwin Gets Fitter through Perseverance and Patience

Ashwin Kumar, email: improved his fitness with consistent effort. Unlike the modern generation seeking shortcuts Ashwin was mature enough to work patiently. He shares his experience here for all those who want to get physically fit. This is what he has to say:

Ashwin’s Words

I had attempted SSB(Navy) at Coimbatore twice, but was not able to clear it due to my fitness issues.I was overweight by about 26Kgs and I could barely run 1km. At that moment, to my good luck, I came across Col. Nehru Sir’s website. The very first talk with Sir was impressive and highly encouraging. Nehru Sir in detail analyzed the reason for my not qualifying the SSB. I found it quite logical and different from the normal SSB coaching centers. I decided to go in for Sir’s guidance program as I had another 2 years before the next SSB interview. Basically Nehru sir taught me to be my original self and not “put up” a personality in front of the SSB.

Fitness Improvement

Sir guided me as a fitness trainer and in a span of 1 year improved my fitness drastically. I have reduced 13Kgs so far and I am able to run distances of upto 8-10Km comfortably.

Brief Approach to Fitness

Diet: Nehru sir advised me not to bother about my weight but set targets for cardio and strength abilities and achieve them. As regards the diet, the only changes I incorporated were an increase in protein and reduction in sugar intake. Otherwise I continued eating the way I used to do earlier.

  • I was guided to train for 2 sessions in a day. Morning I focused on cardio & evenings on strength. The training was incorporated comfortably in my lifestyle and I find it enjoyable. It was nice that my dad became my training partner and also got hooked onto the training regimen.
  • Slowly I reached the ability to run for 30 min at a stretch. It was a milestone. The next milestone was doing 5 km in 30 min. The milestones of covering 8 & 10 km continuously came easily. I can even go longer now. Interval training was taxing but it did help me improve my speed. I was unable to cover 400 m in less than 85-90 sec. To increase the speed Nehru sir advised me to incorporate ‘plyometrics’ in the training. Unfortunately my muscles were unable to cope with it and I injured my knee despite having more than 6 months of regular running behind me. It took me one month to get back to the same level as prior to injury.
  • It took me 6 months to be able to do one chin-up. Other aspects of strength building were easier. I am getting stronger each day.


I have a year left before the next SSB and I am confident of dropping another 10 kgs. Even if I don’t drop that much I am not much worried so long as I can do 5 km in 24 min, 40 push-ups, 50 sit-ups and 10 chin-ups by then. The systematic program for fitness has made me fitter and much more confident. I know that I will clear SSB easily. I have no belief in shortcuts, nor should you!

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