Apoorva gets Recommended

Apoorva Learns Right Lessons to Clear SSB!

APOORVA MISHRA email: samaranand00@gmail.com , cleared SSB for TES-39.  On behalf of all students of No Frills Academy I congratulate him. These are his words:

After failing at SSB once for NAVY 10+2 B.Tech entry in Oct 2017, I contacted Col Nehru Sir for his guidance, because his methodology was unique and I felt it suitable for me.
After the first interaction he told me about my strengths and weaknesses and told me to develop a plan with daily and weekly goals.
He also evaluated my TAT, WAT and SRTs and told me that most of the things were coaching academy type, although I had not taken any coaching. My problem was caused by reading a popular SSB book. I used to put OLQs intentionally in my stories. After knowing what a natural response is I improved. It is 100% true that practicing TAT and SRTs is of no help, other than increasing your writing speed. I was told by Sir not to keep a SSB-CENTRIC approach, and that I should just try to be more organized and effective in whatever I was doing in life.
Still I kept my SSB-CENTRIC approach and practiced psychology and Interview even after his advice of not to do that. The result- I was not recommended once again for NDA-140.

Success After Learning Lessons

Now Sir’s guidance program was over and I had TES-39 SSB in Allahabad, two months later. This time I simply forgot about the SSB and was just focusing on my academics and started following my daily routine strictly.
In SSB I just enjoyed my time with friends and did whatever came naturally to me.

Result: Only I got recommended from my batch of 18 friends!

Reason: I was not focused on the SSB process; I had genuinely improved; I never tried to show off!

Thanks a lot Col MM Nehru Sir!
Jai Hind!

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