Akanksha Clears SSB!

Akanksha Clears SSB!

Akanksha Mishra of No Frills Academy, (contact details: 9685405719/Akanksha.1993mishra@gmail.com. ) cleared SSB in her 6th attempt.
She shares her experience in her words.

Akanksha Joins No Frills Academy

I found some nice answers by Col MM Nehru on quora.com, learnt about No Frills Academy and enrolled for his guidance in Dec 16 and my SSB was due on 16 Jan 17. He told me that the time was too short. I felt that I will benefit from his guidance as his ideas appealed to me and were very different from those promoted by the coaching I had attended earlier.  I had so many interactions with him and I got to understand myself better and also as to what I needed to do to improve.

Self –Awareness and Improvement

No Frills Academy made me realize that I was not being myself in the psychology tests. I was trying to do something impressive, extraordinary and different because of misguidance of coaching academy and friends. While working in the MNC I was not focusing on my work but SSB. Sir told me to focus on my work with total commitment and stop practicing for psychology tests and abandon my SSB obsession.  I did the same. I only prepared current affairs for this SSB and improved my fitness and nothing else. Sir helped me to rebuild my lost self-confidence. Moreover, I began to have fun on every weekend which I had stopped because of practicing for SSB. My dedication in office improved my image and built my confidence. Before leaving for SSB I went through some personality related blogs written by Sir and discussed the issues with him. I left behind the fear of failure and decided to enjoy my SSB experience.

AFSB, Mysore, Day 1

I found the reporting was around 180. I did well in OIR. In PPDT I could write only half the story before we were queued up for the discussion. My story was very simple and I started the narration but within 30 sec I was asked to stop. Discussion was a fish market situation. I managed to put across a few points without getting involved in shouting. 77 candidates were screened in.

Day 2

I did well in the psychology test. I completed all the TAT stories before time ( wrote simple routine life related stories: no big ideas or big achievements) and all the WATs and 46 SRTs. I had already prepared my self- description and was able to write it in time.

Days 3 & 4

My GTO performance was unimpressive. I was giving points and was open to others’ opinions. In PGT I hardly got any opportunity to implement my ideas because of the over-enthusiasm of others, but I contributed ideas. I was not thinking about my performance but group effort. At the end of Day3 I felt that I would not make it and spoke to Sir. He told me to continue doing the tasks in the same spirit, irrespective of what the others were doing. Reassured, I continued.
Day 4 started with command task. I was called 2nd and was given a very simple task and my faith started fading. However, I did not allow it to affect my next task. I did 6 individual obstacles out of 7. 7th was rope climbing, which I could not complete. In FGT I again did not lose faith and performed my best.

Day 5: Interview

My interview was at 11:45 AM. While sitting in the waiting area I was trying to recollect some current affairs. I was not nervous at that moment. As soon as the call for interview came my heartbeat increased. I entered the room confidently. My interview went well. Maximum focus was on personal life. I was asked some current affairs which I could answer well. I made no effort to impress and answered questions honestly and hence felt no pressure.

Day 6: Conference

Before my conference I had to wait for over 10 min. After the conference results were announced and I was recommended.

Akanksha’s Post Selection Thoughts

I felt this time I was just myself: simple, cheerful and friendly. I did not compete with any one. I did not think about if I did something which OLQ will be reflected like earlier times. Believe me, such thoughts are useless. I felt more like a fresher. I give credit for this changed attitude to Sir, who had faith in me and made me realize my real potential. I am a better worker and without being desperate I cleared SSB!
My training under Sir continues. I am confident that I will improve further!
My Comments
I remember Akanksha calling me after GTO-1 & she was in tears. She told me that in the earlier attempts at least she was moving with the group but this time because of following my advice she was left alone as others took her ideas as if they had thought of them. In short she felt that my advice had done more harm than good. I calmed her & told her to continue being her normal genial self. I assured her that the girls may behave stupidly but the GTO is not stupid. She spoke to me post the conference and conveyed that she alone had been selected from her GTO group!

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