Amish Perseveres to Succeed!

 Amish Perseveres to Succeed!

Amish,Mob:/9902241237/, of No Frills Academy cleared SSB in his 13th attempt. He shares his experience in his own words:

Amish’s Story of Perseverance

I always had a dream of joining the Indian Armed Forces. My journey started from Mar 2015, when I appeared in SSB for the first time and was screened out. After that almost every month I went for some or the other SSB. By the end of 2015 I had taken 9 attempts and had been screened out 8 times.

Amish Takes up Job

In Jan 2016 I joined Tech Mahindra. Initially I did not want to join but later I realized that it was one of the good decisions of my life. Working made me self -reliant and boosted my confidence. I met many new people and learned various new things. I was a very shy person and used to hesitate in interacting with new people but after joining this job I got to interact with people from all over the country and became more articulate.

SSB After Job

After that my dream SSB came. It was for CDS entry of Air Force but my training in the company was going on and I was not allowed to take leave. Thoughts started coming as to whether joining this job was a right decision or not. I used to read blogs of Nehru sir, and in his blogs he used to emphasize the importance of working. So I continued doing it.

No Frills Academy

In May I joined No Frills Academy. Sir took my interview and guided me to improve considerably. He, however, showed confidence, after analyzing my psychology test responses that I would clear, provide that I worked as advised. He told me to focus on my speaking skills and general awareness. So I used to prepare current affairs topics and speak to Sir about them. Sir used to suggest improvements. I went to another SSB where I was screened in and I could see the improvement in my performance. Unfortunately I could not get recommended. In my next two entries which were direct entries I was screened out. My confidence went very low but Sir did not lose faith in me. I continued working on myself.

Work Pressure

At the same time there was huge workload in the office where I had to work for almost 12-13 hours daily but I must say that hardships made me stronger. After that I applied for the Indian Coast Guard pilot entry. This was my last attempt to become a pilot. I prepared well and was recommended in my 13th attempt. In this preparation my good friend and colleague Premitha Kamath, who is a recommended candidate and a student of Nehru sir, helped me greatly.

Amish’s Advice

With this entire experience I realized that a person should never give up and keep trying and working hard honestly, and success will definitely come. It helps to have faith in God and yourself. Everything happens for the good and every phase of life is a learning process. May be I was destined to get recommended for pilot entry and that is why I was not selected previously. So never stop chasing your dreams!

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