Anand Rao Clears SSB!

Anand Rao Clears SSB!

Anand Rao, (MOB No. : 9558428538, email id :, has done himself and No Frills Academy proud by clearing AFCAT SSB on 09 Jul 2016,  from 3 AFSB, Gandhinagar in his 12th attempt. His perseverance and self belief should inspire others to succeed. We wish him good luck for future! This is Anand Rao’s message to students of No Frills Academy and defence aspirants.

 Anand Rao’s Message for No Frills Academy


Hi friends, 
I am Anand Rao. I am a diehard defence aspirant but could not make it in my previous attempts. Then I came to know about No Frills Academy through a weekly quiz on facebook page: No Frills Academy. In my first interaction with sir I got a detailed plan to work upon the basic improvements in my personality. As per his guidance I started to work upon written and oral English expression and physical fitness. These small but regular efforts helped me a lot to achieve my goal of clearing SSB. The most important thing was that I never felt that I am preparing to crack SSB. I just focused on these basic improvements and  realized that this will help me in my professional career in the long run as well as life in general. One thing I most appreciate about sir is that he was always ready to clear my doubts at any time and he was very happy and enthusiastic about doing that. I thank Nehru sir for guiding me in my endeavour in such a way that now I feel more competent and confident. I advise other aspirants:

To focus on self improvement and let SSB clearance become an automatic process. Thanks Col Nehru & good luck to all students of No Frills Academy!

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