Ankit’s SSB Success Story

Ankit’s  SSB Success Story

Ankit Bhandari; email: cleared SSB. He shares his success story here:

Ankit’s Words:

Hello future officers! I am hailing from Ghaziabad, U P. Like many of us, I was keen to join the defence forces but was not getting success. Being a part of Air force School from class U.K.G to 12th, I had always been inspired by the Services. In 2010 I cleared NDA written but unfortunately got screened out in SSB.

My SSB Experience:
  • NDA– Varanasi- Screened out
  • UES Navy– Vishakhapatnam- Screened out
  • AFCAT– Mysore- Screened out
  • Indian Coast Guard– Noida- Conferenced out
  • SSC-TECH– Allahabad- Conferenced out
  • AFCAT– Dehradun- Conferenced out
  • Indian Coast Guard– Noida- Recommended

Yes, I got success in my 7th attempt and it took me 7 long years to do it!


My journey to recommendation was full of ups and downs. I had seriously started looking for other career options. One day I landed on the Quora profile of Col M.M Nehru. His answers appealed to me and I could relate to them. I read all his SSB related answers and decided to take his guidance. I contacted him and went to meet him in person. His personality has a different aura and I realized that he is a unique person. He asked me different questions related to my life, previous attempts etc. and noted everything. After talking for an hour or so, he said, “Ankit you are competent to join the forces but the problem is with your attitude and life style”. He shared his experiences and guided me about the future plan to be followed. I enrolled for his guidance from Oct 2017. He dropped me a mail regarding my strong and weak points about my personality and trust me those points were purely related to me. Nehru sir has a unique style of working that results in his apt assessment of your strong and weak points. He advised me to start doing a job as that, in his view, was essential for my growth. He guided me to improve my physical fitness. I totally followed his guidance. I started doing a job and joined a gym. Also, I started waking up early, going for run, push-ups, chin ups etc. I started improving my habits through small steps. At my workplace I became more professional and sincere.

No SSB Talk!

One thing I would like to mention that Nehru Sir rarely talks about SSB ( after few initial sessions).He is always keen to know about what is actually happening in your personal life, what problems are you facing and HOW YOU ARE IMPROVING TO GET REASONABLE SUCCESS IN OVERCOMING THOSE PROBLEMS. After listening, he always guided me in the best possible way and clarified my doubts.
The best thing I adore about sir is that he always wanted a unique opinion of mine about all issues in the world with logic. He periodically asked me to write my views on GK topics which he analyzed and discussed with me. As he advised, I stopped reading about any matter related to SSB and focused on self- improvement. With his guidance and words, I attended AFSB Dehradun without success. Nehru sir advised me to keep improving as I was doing and made me confident that I was on the right path and I have IT in me. With his word of wisdom and worthy guidance, I appeared for Indian Coast Guard-FSB and got recommended in my 7th attempt.

My words for Col M.M Nehru Sir

I will be short of words to express my immense gratitude. My success is the result of his faith and guidance. He not only made me clear SSB but made me a better human being.
Thank you so much sir!!!!

Tips for Future Officers

Just keep improving in small things in your daily lives and the final result will be big. Keep reading the blogs of Col M.M. Nehru sir on his website for any query related to SSB and that will be better than taking 15 days of coaching from any institute. I had got misguided by one such academy!
Be in touch with Nehru sir and you will note that over time your attitude towards various things will change for the better!
His words and guidance have had a major impact on my life and I have attained Two SSC (staff selection commission) government jobs, secured rank 2 in merit for The Great Eastern Shipping Corporation for the post of marine engineer and

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  1. I know this fella . He is very curious and of volunteer nature for anything work assigned to him he has to make it count one day and he did and this is not the end . He has cultivated a discipline whis i really feel very rare a human can carry on with the incident is when he got screened in for coast guard he came home at 9 instead of resting he went for his workout that is the kind of discipline needed which i am following these days the make my dream come true too. God bless you friend this is just a beginning for you and you have to a long way in life .

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