Arpit Clears SSB!

Arpit Clears SSB!

Arpit Chauhan ( of No Frills Academy recently cleared SSB from 19 SSB in his 7th attempt. Along with all students of No Frills Academy I congratulate him on his well-deserved success! For the benefit of other aspirants Arpit shares his views:

Long Struggle for SSB

I am a student of No Frills Academy and I am grateful to Col Nehru for my success. I had been attending SSBs for the last 6 years and finally cleared in my 7th attempt.

Slow Progress in Personality Improvement

No Frills Academy showed me the right path. Col Nehru told me NOT TO FOCUS on SSB exclusively but rather FOCUS ON BECOMING A MORE COMPETENT PERSON AND EXCEL IN DAILY LIFE. He identified my strong and weak areas. Together we made a comprehensive plan to achieve success. Initially I was unable to execute the plan sincerely owing to my bad habits. However, with the passage of time I improved myself slowly. I worked hard to improve my GK. I regularly read articles posted on the page of No Frills Academy. I worked hard on my physical fitness by improving my endurance and strength. This boosted my confidence in every aspect of life. When I used to run 5 km I wanted to stop but did NOT. This way I improved my WILLPOWER. I also worked on my oral and written expression by improving my grammar. As sir advised, I took up a job to be a more responsible person. These small things slowly built up my CONFIDENCE. I achieved success in other competitive exams like CDS, AFCAT and SSC (CPO).

No Wasting Time on Unimportant Issues

I always tried to improve my personality as guided and never wasted time on practicing TAT, WAT and SRTs. This was indeed the right approach. No Frills Academy guided me to improve from a below average person to come up to the requirements of SSB. I suggest to all aspirants to adopt the right approach to improve themselves to clear SSB.

Clarifying Myths about SSB

I would like to clear some popular myths like sports persons and defence background people having an edge over the others. It is incorrect. I am from a civilian background and not a sports person but I still cleared my SSB with the guidance of No Frills Academy!
My Comments Added in Jul 2019
Arpit’s story should inspire aspirants. His story is of a struggle in self-improvement and managing overtime to overcome a very realistic tendency of people falling back to old lifestyle and comfort zone. He is in an officer in Engineers and we remain in contact.

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