Bhavani to Join Air Force!

Bhavani to Join Air Force!

Bhavani Singh, of No Frills Academy cleared SSB, medical and made it in the merit and is due to join training. This is what he has to say to me and other defence aspirants:

Bhavani’s Words:

I took your guidance to improve my personality and develop suitable traits required by the armed forces. Due to your blessings and guidance, I was recommended by 3AFSB Gandhinagar.
I’m grateful that your engagement was very specific to my personal requirement. I got to know my strengths and areas of improvement when you assessed me by having a detailed conversation with me.
Apart from that, I learned from you the great principle that: small and persistent actions in the direction of our goals, lead to revolutionary changes in personal effectiveness. 
I made an efficient routine and followed it with your help and guidance. Thanks for motivating me at times and making me realize that I had it in me!
The best thing about your approach of personality improvement is that it is very simple and quite easy to follow if someone really has the fire to improve himself.
Your motivating words, skilled assessment, guidance in setting up a good daily routine and following it worked really well for me. It was difficult in the beginning but proved very effective in helping me not only clear SSB but set me on a path of consistent progress.
Thank you so much Sir. I hope you guide more aspirants like this and help them realize their true potential to improve and achieve their goals!

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