Congratulations! Harshit Clears SSB!

Congratulations! Harshit Clears SSB!

Harshit did himself and No Frills Academy proud by clearing SSB. Please read his message:
Hi Friends,
It has been a long journey of about 3.5 years. I gave 16 SSBs in this duration and got Conference Out in 12 of them. Finally on 10 Sep 2016, I cleared AFSB. It was my 17th attempt.

Initial Interaction with Nehru Sir

I came into contact with Nehru Sir an year ago. During our first formal interaction, Sir was satisfied with my responses. It was not a thing to celebrate for me, as I was looking for loop holes in my personality so that I could improve upon them. Then Sir and I made a plan for which was to make my life more disciplined. I followed the plan with commitment. As time passed I started realizing the effect of that plan on my personality. It made me more confident and the same started depicting in my normal life. I can say this very confidently now –
“ Daily small improvements in routine life yield fruitful  effects on individual’s personality”.
This, I presume is the philosophy on which Nehru Sir works. He interacts with us, knows us completely and then advises us the required improvements and methods to achieve them.

Guidance Worked for Me

This is a very simple and practical philosophy to enhance our effectiveness in life. Once a person becomes overall more competent by improving upon the identified weaknesses clearing SSB becomes a byproduct. The way Sir guides us, is practical and logical. It does not include memorizing stories for TAT, WAT responses and fake answers to be told to the Interviewing Officer. There are very few people who actually groom your core personality rather than coating it from outside. Sir Nehru is one of them.

Other Important Issues

Apart from this I think there are some more things which helped me. I realized the real meaning of the most famous words- SELF-INTROSPECTION, BE YOURSELF and GIVE AND TAKE GENUINE FEEDBACK. I sat alone on many nights and asked questions about myself and wrote the answers down. I forcefully demanded “Genuine Feedback” from my old friends and family, which included both, my Positive as well as my Negative points. I tried to strengthen my positives and eradicate my negatives. These things helped me a lot to know myself and hence improve.
In the end I would only say the thing I have personally experienced-
“If we pursue our dreams restlessly and we commit to ourselves to do whatever it takes to turn them into reality, they will surely succeed someday.” My time came and so will yours, if you persevere!
Thanks again to Nehru Sir!

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