Congratulations Premitha Clears SSB!

Congratulations Premitha Clears SSB!

Premitha Kamath, (; mob: 09916149685) of No Frills Academy cleared SSB from Bangalore.  She shares her experience in her own words.

Premitha’s Motivation

The culture in my hometown saw only two career options for the youth: engineering or medicine. I graduated to be an engineer and joined Tech Mahindra. Here I met few friends who inspired me to get into Defence Forces. Soon this became my life’s mission.

Premitha’s SSB Preparation

I always believe in getting my facts right before starting any work. I wanted to give my best in the very first attempt. Amish, a colleague told me about No Frills Academy. I joined the guidance program. Col Nehru pointed out the weak areas. He and I then devised a plan for improvement considering my busy schedule. My preparation went on for two months, which included improving fitness, GK, speed of decision making and organizing ability. Due to the hectic schedule in office and 4 hours of daily commuting it was difficult for me to manage. I figured that the only way was to use every spare minute I had. I downloaded GK videos offline and watched them during my travel to office. Newspapers and these videos became my travel companions. I used to spend two hours of my day in the gym building my strength and endurance. In whatever time I could squeeze out in office hours I used to complete the tasks given by Col Nehru. My day was packed and apparently this helped me build my competence, fitness, made me well organized and raised my confidence.

Premitha’s SSB Experience

Screening In Test. There were two tests conducted on this day. Total No of candidates were around 150.

  • OIR Test: There were 100 questions divided into two sets of 50 each. We were given a total of 57 min to finish the test. The first set went really well where I could answer 48 questions out of 50. In the second test I ran out of time and could finish only 35 out of 50.
  • PPDT: We were asked to write a story on a picture in about 4 min. The time seemed to be ticking really fast and I could not complete the story. I felt that my chances of getting screened in were bleak. Group discussion (GD) was my only chance. The GD went well for me. I started the discussion, helped other members in the group to speak and eventually got screened in along with 39 others.
Day 2:
  • Psychology Test: I had an optimistic approach towards every picture and word shown. And hence my TAT and WAT went off well. Time management is a very important criterion here. I wrote only 33 SRTs out of 60 given which was a poor performance. The overall performance was fine.
  • Personal Interview: This was the best part of my entire SSB. I told everything about my past life, as to how and where I took responsibilities. I gave my best to put forward my thoughts in the one hour interview. The secret here is to showcase everything that you have done in the past and be truthful about what you speak. Tell about the problems you faced in the past and how you worked upon them. This gave me a confidence boost.

Day3: GTO Tasks: My fitness and preparation helped me. The secret here is team play. Solve the obstacles as a team and do not dominate by suppressing others’ ideas. You have to be a team player; give ideas, take inputs from others and help others in doing the tasks. We had a GD, group planning exercise, snake race, lecturette, half group task and progressive group task. I did well in all. In the snake race I was at the tail all the time, making sure that my team crossed the obstacle safely and soundly. I had the advantage of being fit and could help everyone get over the obstacle.
Day 4: GTO Tasks: This day started with individual obstacles where we were given 8 obstacles out of ten and two others were optional. We were given three minutes time to do the task. Here prioritization and fitness are important criteria. I could attempt 9 out of ten obstacles and completed 7 properly in the given time. Mine was the best performance in the entire group as I had been working out for two months. In command task I was given an obstacle of high complexity which I could not solve. The day ended with the final group task where we were given a complex obstacle and were asked to cross in 15 min. There was a very good co-ordination among us and we solved it quickly.

Day 5: Conference:

I was apprehensive. I remained optimistic. My conference discussion went for about 10 min. I was asked about my experience, my contribution to the group, my weak points etc. I told them about the things that I learned from my SSB experience. And I was RECOMMENDED!!

Premitha’s Tips

  1. You compete with yourself, not others.
  2. Always be good to everyone and help them in every way possible.
  3. Preparation before giving an SSB is MUST! Don’t just go for the sake of it. Make sure you build the requisite qualities. Your first attempt is your GOLDEN attempt.
  4. Don’t lose heart if you don’t do well in any of the tasks. Remember that overall performance is taken into consideration. Hence persevere. I hope my experience helps you. Good luck!


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  1. Congratulations Premitha!!!!
    Soo proud of you!!
    Ultimately, this suggests a person can achieve anything in life, provided he has strong inner desire for it…..!!!
    Wish you all the very best!

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