Digvijay Clears SSB!

Digvijay Clears SSB!

Digvijay Shahaji Chudmunge;Mob: 8087885288; Email id  – digvijaychudmunge1995@gmail.com of No Frills Academy cleared CDS SSB in first attempt. No Frills Academy congratulates him on his success! He shares his views for the benefit of other aspirants:

Digvijay’s Words:

I had carefully prepared for CDS exam in my final semester of engineering and had managed to get a good score. Being a fresher to this new arena, I searched the internet about the SSB process. I had already read all the answers written by Nehru sir on Quora and found his answers genuine and his” no short-cuts methodology” better than whatever else I could find. I decided to take his guidance.

First Interaction

I contacted him and we scheduled an interview on Skype. As it turned out, lack of technical knowledge and basic understanding reduced my confidence in everything. Fortunately for me, there was a lot of time and thus I sincerely studied my core subjects, improved my GK and also improved my physical fitness.

Regular Interactions

Regular interactions with Nehru sir helped me plan my daily routine and focus on the weaknesses. With constant feedback from a reliable mentor I improved in all areas. The guidance program which entailed leading an organized life, setting and achieving clear time bound goals made me  more competent and confident, not only for SSB but for life in general.


I attended my first SSB confidently. The advice I had received about each test proved quite handy in writing stories, SRTs, self-description, behavior in group, GPE, command task and interview. I was asked several technical questions in the interview and since I was well-prepared I could answer them all.  I was happy with my performance and cleared the SSB.

Future Guidance

I intend to carry forward my efforts in self-improvement and would be increasing my focus to attain the much stiffer fitness targets which Nehru sir has assigned to me prior to joining the IMA.

Tips for Aspirants

I was motivated to join the Army. Nehru sir helped me understand as to where I stood when I first talked to him & also helped me evolve a systematic plan for self-improvement. Of course I had to execute the plan but I found the guidance effective and it got me success in 3 months!
My tip for freshers: “Don’t waste your first chance; make it count!”

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