Harshit clears SSB!

My name is Harshit Jain, I am from Firozabad, U.P.

I am currently working as a QA Tester for an IT company in Bangalore.

I got recommended for IMA-149(DE) course from 21- SSB Bhopal through CDS-2 2019 on 8th March 2020.

This was my 4th conference and in total, I have appeared for 8 SSBs in last one year.

My journey with Col. Nehru sir and NFA started in December 2019 , when I got conference out from 2- AFSB , Mysore.

Although I was preparing hard but was not able to figure out what was going wrong. I was continously going through this conference out and screenout process, my main focus was on SSB testing only and I was continuously preparing on making story (PPDT &TAT) , WAT & SRT better.

So here the guidance of Nehru sir , came into play. He took my interview, psych test and pointed out on my weak areas, where I needed to work on. He told me to make a daily routine and get it checked by him.

Looking into my weak areas, I prepared a schedule for myself  and got it checked by sir.

The areas of my focus were :

1. Physical Fitness: daily running  6kms(28mins) and weight training for developing overall built (mainly core , shoulders & legs).

2.  Adequate knowledge about my job profile and how can I improve myself in the job and working on it.

3. Adequate knowledge about my engineering subjects(ECE).

4. Adequate knowledge about world wide current awareness .

Eg: Indian economy (budget, financial terms etc ), India’s relation with neighbouring other countries and India at various forums , Defence ( about armed forces, latest developments , stream of your choice).

5. Developing a constructive hobby. Eg: Book reading (5-10 pages daily for developing vocabulary)

6. News( rajya sabha tv- vishesh , study iq ). I prepared 5 national issues and 5 international issues.

6. Spoken English : since I am in Bangalore and english is a common medium to communicate so I didn’t need to put any extra efforts for that.

7. Focusing on completing daily task rather than thinking about  SSB, all time.

Sticking to this schedule , I overcome my weakness like procastinating , overthinking about end goal. The qualities which I developed are self discipline, focus on present , consistency,  higher endurance and stamina and confidence which come from knowledge.

Apart from this  NFA group also helped me a lot in gaining confidence in GD , lecturette , PPDT, GPE, developing listening skills , learning from others  .

My recent SSB experience:

Details- 51 reported ,20 screened in, 4 recommended.

Screening test:

OIR -1 (40 questions, 17mins., Difficulty level- easy to moderate)

OIR-2 (50 questions, 27mins., Difficulty level- moderate to difficult)

PPDT –  went well , narration was good , GD – chaotic

Psychology test :

TAT-  short and simple stories with more focus on present happening and avoiding unnecessary ideas to be put in just to show my creativity.

12 th story written about my last 2-3 months daily routine .

WAT-  written 58

SRT-  written 35 (detailed solutions but short and Crisp ).

SD- kept it short and simple with more focus on my strengths and weaknesses suggested by others and how I am improving on my weaknesses.


Lasted for 40-45mins:

Being calm ,confident, truthful and aware of what to speak .


GDs – Although knowledge was adequate on topics but due to chaos it didn’t go well as per my expectations.

GPE- written a detailed plan  with giving importance to time and distance , but again discussion didn’t go well because of chaos.

PGT,FGT,HGT- not getting much ideas but was always helping the group members in implementing their ideas and  in taking the group forward.

GOR – group performed well

Lecturette- water crisis was my topic , I put my thoughts starting with its background  then facts , challenges and solutions.

IOs- did 10(stucked in zig- zag but didn’t give up,  did it in 4th try)

CT- I was the last person to be called , briefed my subordinates nicely, stick to one path , applied ideas and performed well on time.

My learning from this experience:

“SSB is the subset of life” rightly said by someone . Perform your role with sincerity and devotion in your daily routine , you will automatically perform well in ssb.

Be devoted to what you have in present and try to give your best shot in that, things may not work for you in a go but have faith in yourself  and just stick to the path , you will get through one day.

I sincerely thank Nehru sir and NFA group members(Shivangi, Pratemesh ,Nikhil and others) .

And a special thanks to my parents for supporting me in achieving my dream for uniform and my college friends (Divesh( from whom i got to know about Nehru sir), Akshit , Paras , Apoorv, Kritika and others) who have kept my morale high despite of continuous rejections.

Once again,

Thanks Nehru sir

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