How I gave up Smoking?

How I gave up Smoking?

Utkanth Sharma is one student that I am proud of. He has shared his experience here to inspire others to give up their bad habits and develop healthy ones. Please read his message:

How I gave up Smoking?

It all started in my 11th Class. I was under no peer pressure to start smoking. It was my decision to start smoking and I blame no-one for this habit of mine.
It gradually kicked off as a means of time-pass but slowly I got hooked to this habit.
I used to smoke about 7-8 of them in a day; sometimes I would smoke up-to 10-15 in a day.

I have smoked up-to 30-40 cigarettes in a day when I went to Goa for 3 days. This explains that how much I was into this thing.

Difficult to break Bad Habit

I had made up my mind to give up smoking in my second year. My fight to give up smoking went like this:
I stopped smoking for about 3-4 days and I tried to control it but with the onset of the fourth day I was back to square one.
I developed this habit of giving it up and resuming it again after 5-6 days. I told all my friends about the same and they supported me. As I was not able to kick the butt I started becoming a liar in their eyes. I even became a liar in my own eyes as I was trying so hard to  give up smoking but was not able to do so due to lack of willpower. I lost self respect and self confidence.
I even left it for a span of 9 months in my third year but I started it again. I don’t know why?
I tried to give up smoking for about 1000 times and  failed. It was the last year of my college and I had decided it sternly that I will give it up by the time I finish my education, but things did not go as planned and I felt helpless. With no studies or work and all the time in the world I started it again and this time more heavily.

Success after 1000 Failures to break Habit

I was tired with my habit of giving it up and starting it again.  I resolved that as soon as I start my job I will never smoke again.  I came to Chennai and decided to kick the butt and I succeeded. Some friends tried to get me back to the habit, but my resolve held.  I had become more organised and disciplined and was observing a fairly strict schedule of regular exercising and focused studies for about a month. Maybe this discipline helped strengthen my resolve. I am not sure but I was more confident now.
My health had started to deteriorate because of smoking and to prepare myself for SSB I had to be able to build up my endurance and strength. I was internally convinced that either I stuck with my bad habit or worked to attain my dream of becoming an officer.

Advice to Friends

I broke my bad habit with which I was stuck for 6 years. I am  an average guy who is working sincerely to achieve his dream. Well, you can do the same!

My Notes

Utkanth has shown impressive resolve in getting his life organised and disciplined. His competence was impressive even when we first spoke. He has progressed greatly since he became my student. It once again restores my belief that discipline is far more important for success than talent. Our mind and willpower can subdue the weaknesses due to our emotions.
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