Jasminder Clears SSB!

Jasminder Clears SSB!

Jasminder Singh Chadha /9815145373/7986590972/jasminder333@gmail.com of No Frills Academy cleared SSB for TGC-125. This is his message:
I came across No Frills Academy and Sir Nehru when I was searching on Quora about SSB. I found his answers to be logical and thought of taking his guidance for  SSB which was due in 4 months. So, I contacted him and we had a long telephonic discussion in which he assessed my personality and told me about my strengths and weaknesses and advised me to work on my weaknesses.

No Frills Academy’s Guidance

I was overweight and my general knowledge was weak. Sir guided me on both the issues. Regular routine was made which included physical activity and a balanced diet along with focus on current affairs and general knowledge topics. Sir use to monitor my progress weekly.


Whenever I used to feel low or demotivated, I used to call Sir and he use to motivate me by telling that I should be confident and whatever efforts I was making will bear fruits. Gradually my fitness and GK improved and so did my confidence. I was fortunate to have started preparations 4 months prior to the SSB and the time was reasonable to effect meaningful improvements. Lesser time may not have been enough and I may have wasted an attempt. Finally the D-Day arrived and with blessings and efforts of Sir Nehru, I was able to clear the SSB in my 1st attempt.

Thanks No Frills Academy!

Thanks Sir Nehru for all your efforts! I am lucky to have a mentor like you!

Advice: SSB Aspirants

A piece of advice for SSB aspirants: Please work on GK, especially current affairs and be physically fit. It is your persistent effort that will take you towards success. Follow the guidance of Col Nehru wholeheartedly and you will definitely succeed!

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  1. Hi sir I m Bharat parmar from himachal Pradesh I have a question related to the territorial army. Sir I just want to know the similarities between Territorial army and regular army and one thing more sir does a candidate get a permanent commission after joining the territorial to regular army?

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