Message by Abhijeet Singh Arora

Message by Abhijeet Singh Arora

Abhijeet Singh Arora; e-mail: did not clear SSB even in his last attempt for Air Force. He is more competent than 70% of my students who got selected. I cannot fathom any reason for his being not recommended. He has written a message to one of my students who was not recommended. This is his message:
Hi Akshat,
It’s really sad that you were not recommended. I too have made 15 attempts at SSB so far and was not recommended finally.
Here’s my brief profile:
25.5 year old engineer.
National Level Athlete of 100M and 200M Sprint (Was Captain of RGPV MP Athletics team in 2012-13).
National Level Debater and Extempore Competition: (Double Gold Medal in 2011 and 2012).
Currently working as Senior Administrator in a reputed organization: salary about to 1 lac per month.
However, there’s something about our armed forces, that motivates me to join, one of those inner feelings to serve our nation (though right now also I am serving), but through defense which offers a very challenging career. That’s why I underwent eyes (LASIK) and nose (DNS) surgery also, so that I remain fit.
Though I am not a preacher and let me be very honest, that I do not know your situation or what you are going through.. But please trust our armed forces’ selection system. Whatever happens, it is for good.. My conferences were long for 8 consecutive attempts, and I was waited for 10 minutes before being called in and while I was inside as well.
I have many friends who are in defense, who too feel that I could have done great as a part of the armed forces.
It took me 9 years to understand that, there are 3 classes of men. Civilian, Military and Abhijeet Singh Arora.
Earlier, I used to be very sad, that I was very sincere since childhood, always respected everyone, helped those who needed, proactively took lead in different spheres and kept my body, mind and soul in sync and still was not recommended.
It is just because my personality is different from their requirement or it is not in my destiny. I have always accepted my mistakes and tried to be a better person than yesterday. I love our armed forces and whatever I am going to be in the next few years (IAS, IPS etc) will continue to serve our nation to the best of my abilities…

Don’t Give Up!

And in the end hero will win.. we too have Territorial Army (if your age is over for regular army)…
Please brother, never give up or be frustrated; failure generates mental stamina, there may be many who might have not faced failures and joined the army in first attempt, but when you will.. you would have already exhausted all your failures and the only thing that will come across your way during WAR is VICTORY!
You are very very lucky to have Nehru sir with you. Just trust him, and most importantly yourself, I am sure you will do great in life. He has transformed me from a boy into a gentleman.
“No matter the people may keep on believing that they have evolved from a monkey!
It is my firm belief that we have evolved from a Lion!”

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