Message from Abhishek Yadav (Successful candidate of No Frills Academy)

Message from Abhishek Yadav (Successful candidate of No Frills Academy)

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Abhishek Yadav, a student of No Frills Academy recently cleared SSB.  This is his message to other Defence aspirants and students of No Frills Academy:
Hello all !
I am Abhishek Yadav, just another defence aspirant like you all. I am
happy to inform you  that I recently got recommended for TGC 122 course.

No Frills Academy: Purposeful Guidance

Guys, I have been constantly getting guidance from Col Nehru sir for which I am very grateful.
During this complete process I used to discuss in detail with  Col Nehru
sir as to what I need to improve upon. Sir very clearly told me the areas of my personality
which required improvement and then helped me with the process of

Essence of No Frills Academy’s Guidance

Col Nehru advised me to be patient, and work consistently as guided by him. I abided by his advice and kept working as directed. Yes, it takes time, but then changes do not occur over
night. Sir always used to say,

“Abhi, SSB recommendation will be incidental, idea is to focus effort to improve overall personality”


He was right.  I have complete faith in what he said because my efforts under his expert guidance proved successful and I cleared SSB!

No Frills Academy’s Reliable Guidance

Col Nehru’s method of guidance is absolutely genuine and reliable. I could notice self improvement and consequent rise in confidence. SSB clearance is just one step in my journey of self improvement!

Thanks No Frills Academy!

I thank No Frills Academy from the bottom of my heart in guiding me at an important stage of my career!
with warm regards,

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