Message from Siddhartha Mittal, Student of No Frills Academy

Message from Siddhartha Mittal, Student of No Frills Academy

Siddhartha  Mittal,  (Mob: 09867711308; email:,  who recently cleared Services Selection Board ( SSB) in his fourth attempt from Air Force Selection Board (AFSB), Mysore has given this message:


Hello Sir,
First of all I’m thankful to No Frills Academy for  guiding me to improve my personality!
Secondly, I’m sorry that I’m sending my message  to No Frills Academy a little late.
I  regret that I didn’t take out the best out of you; I didn’t talk with you adequately; but the best part is that even this much was enough to clear SSB! No Frills Academy’s suggestions and advice are helping me in improving the core aspect of my personality even today. No big words can explain this. No miracle happened to me; just small changes in basic habits were affected and are still going on. Now I feel what more can I do for myself after clearing SSB.  No Frills Academy laid down a strong base for me. I have got used to following a routine that helps in becoming more efficient and effective. I find I get more productive work done each day as compared with the past.  The lifestyle advocated for me by you is not difficult to follow. I feel happier and more satisfied with myself and increasingly confident. I never realized as to when I had become competent enough to clear SSB. We focused very little on SSB, but primarily on self improvement.  I feel this is the right approach. I recommend this approach to other students of No Frills Academy. If you are competent in all round abilities you will clear SSB.  Please follow this approach to get success in SSB!
Words are less to explain my gratitude. Wish good luck to other students of No Frills Academy!
Thanks Sir!
Siddhartha Mittal

Notes from No Frills Academy

On behalf of all students of No Frills Academy and my own behalf I wish Siddhartha Mittal good luck!
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