No Dream is too Big!

No Dream is too Big!

This is a guest blog by Amandeep.

Scary Competition!

Competition has always been a part of life. Even animals compete for food and mating. In case of humans, competition begins early in life and pervades across large aspects of life.
India is the 2nd most populous country in the world with more than 50 percent of its population below the age of 25 years and more than 65% of the remaining below the age of 35 years. According to International Labour Organisation “The Youth of India is most hard-working as compared to other countries” but still our youth is not motivated and scared of stiff competition prevailing in the society.
The main cause of rising competition among the youth is due to the growing population which rose from 350 millon in 1950 to 132 billion in 2018. Excessive growth in population when compared with the growth in the economy has made competition a way of life.

Focus on Yourself for Success!

Competition affects different people in different ways. Some take competition positively while others take it negatively. Positive thinkers take competition as part and parcel of life. They channelize their energy in a positive way. They inculcate dedication, determination and will power within themselves and focus on developing individual skills to be able to effectively cope with the competition. They know that nothing is impossible if done in a disciplined manner with dedication without developing self-doubts. Negative thinkers focus their energies on things that they cannot control and curse the system for stiff competition and lack of employment instead of working in on enhancing their competence. Every person is special and possesses some extra ordinary quality which he should try to harness and make his unique mark in the world.
There is a need for the youth to change their mindset and focus on self-improvement and thus not only be able to gain employment or become entrepreneurs, generate wealth for themselves and their families and also make India a strong nation. Positivity is an important key to success. Think positive and work hard with dedication and regularity. No dream is too high to be achieved!

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