Parameswaran Clears SSB!

Parameswaran Clears SSB!

Parameswaran, ( E mail:; mob:9995315322) of No Frills Academy, cleared SSB from 12 SSB, Bangalore in his second attempt. We congratulate him and thank him for inspiring others! This is his message for other aspirants:

Learning from Failure

My first attempt went somewhat as described:
Day 1: OIR test was quite easy and I performed well. Group discussion was pretty decent and I used the right opportunity that came to me to open up my views. I got screened in.
Day 2: I never knew that wristwatches were not allowed in psychology tests. This badly affected my performance. I could only write 35 SRTs out of the 60. I was also filled with preconceived notions. I wrote coached type of stories in TAT.
Day 3: I was confident about improving upon my overall performance in GTO, which was actually the case. 7 of the 9 tasks happened in day 3 and I fared well in all of those. Even though my physical fitness is not extremely good, it was fair enough for this level.
Day 4: I did fairly well in the rest of the GTO tasks. I was happy to complete the tough command task given to me well. Interview started happening in the afternoon. It was one of the toughest interviews I’ve ever faced in life. They asked about all my personal life which I answered. There were a lot of technical questions asked which I couldn’t answer. Towards the end of the interview, they again asked some personal questions where I started contradicting myself. My confidence had also dipped.
Day 5: The conference happened. Usually the candidates are made to wait for 3-4 minutes before entering and the conference happens for again 3-4 minutes. But for me the waiting time was around 15 minutes, which made me feel that I was a borderline candidate. I was not recommended.

Moving On

I had cleared the next AFCAT. I wanted to prepare better for that. I knew that I had the officer like qualities but I was just failing to display them well. I felt the need of guidance to push me across the line.
This is the time when I learned about No frills Academy on the internet. I liked the concept a lot. I felt that going to a normal SSB coaching academy would not be a good option as I might approach SSB with preconceived notions. No Frills Academy proposed to develop your personality and induce the OLQs in you over a long period of time. I contacted Nehru sir and we fixed a comfortable time and started the guidance. He made me understand my weaknesses better. He asked me to make a long term plan to overcome those weaknesses. I worked hard and gave feedback every week. Each week my confidence grew and I could feel genuine all round improvement.  AFCAT 2016 was the final attempt for me in pilot entry. But to my luck, I got a call from Indian navy to attend the SSB for SSC pilot. My preparation plan was still underway hence I was sceptical about this SSB.  I discussed with Nehru sir and he suggested that I should go. Just before the SSB, he gave me some tips about the entire SSB process.

Second SSB

Day 1: Nothing specific. The GD became a fish market and I opened up at the right time. I got screened in.
Day 2: Psychology Test: I assumed myself competent to be an officer and gave responses in accordance with a general soldierly approach. It was much better than last time.
Days 3 & 4: GTO was much simpler than last time. I coordinated with the team and led them but at the same time, made sure that I didn’t dominate them.
Day 4: Interview was much simpler than last time. I expressed myself properly. I was full of confidence.
Day 5: Conference didn’t even last for 2 minutes. I got recommended as Indian navy pilot.


We were taken to Mysore for this. Nowadays, the old PABT method is being replaced by CPSS (Computerized Pilot Selection System). I knew that if I listened to the instructions properly, I would clear. I did the same and cleared it.

Suggestions for SSB Aspirants

It is your systematic hard work in overcoming your weaknesses that is going to help you. If you are really good enough, introspect, find out your weaknesses and overcome them by following a reasonable time based plan. If you feel you need help, get into an Academy which will help you do the same. No Frills Academy is one such online Academy which suited me because as a professional I could not spare time to attend coaching academies. There is no shortcut to self improvement and for clearing SSB!

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