Parth’s SSB Success Story

Parth’s SSB Success Story

This is a guest blog by Parth.
My name is Parth Singh (Email ID – ; Contact – 97614 96966). I am currently working as a Petroleum Engineer with Adani Gas Ltd. Faridabad. I took guidance from Col. MM Nehru and was recommended in my sixth attempt from 17 SSB, Bangalore for the IMA-143 course.

My Previous Attempts

I have been 3 times CO and 2 times SO. I appeared for my first SSB in Jan 2012 for the NDA. My earlier attempts were mired with misinformation and over-information. Having listened to the advice of previously recommended candidates, I was anything but original in my responses. Army being my passion, I was always desperate to get selected and this was portrayed in my personality in the form of nervousness and copied thoughts.

Getting to know No Frills Academy

I came across Col. Nehru’s answers on Quora which led me to No Frills Academy. (I had read all of the answers and all his blogs before contacting him personally). I found his approach to be authentic and logical. I contacted Sir with less than a month to go for my SSB and he told me that the time was too short for his liking. He told me that he will assess me and I may have to let go of that particular attempt if found inadequate. I was okay with that as it made sense.

 Learning and Un-Learning

The favorite lesson which I took from Col. Nehru was – “Assessment is an art best left to the assessors”. Through my interactions with Sir, I unlearned a lot of false thoughts I had garnered about the SSB and learned a very crucial fact – “I am adequate”. What I required was confidence in my capabilities which was re-assured to me by Sir at regular intervals. I also gained a lot in terms of knowledge and understanding about the world, economics and current affairs. I did all this while continuing my fitness regime and regular work at office.

Facing SSB 

I differed in this attempt in terms of my confidence. At no point of time I thought of getting selected, neither did I hope for it. My interview was unimpressive and I was unable to answer a few technical and GK questions. I was calm throughout my SSB, which led to good responses in psychology and GTO.
I did well at the GDs and the lecturette, thanks to my greater understanding of current affairs. At no point of time did I try to impress the assessors, which was a big departure from my previous approach, a lesson I had learnt from Col. Nehru.

My Message to Fellow Aspirants

A common mistake which we repeaters commit is trying to know the SSB system. I have a lot of friends who claim to know the exact details as to how a sentence is interpreted by the Psychologist, but still they have not been recommended. This shows that we are fundamentally wrong in our approach.
What we need to understand is that we are aspirants and the system is in place to select us. Let us believe in the system and our capabilities. That is where Col. Nehru’s lesson comes in – “Assessment is an art best left to the assessors”.
Another myth which I would like to address here is that children of officers are favored. This is not the case.  I am an Army Officer’s son and I got selected only when I really had it in me.

 Way Ahead

I have been declared medically fit and still continue to work under Col. Nehru’s guidance. His guidance has increased my self-belief and led to the realization of my dream.

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