Ria, Utsav, Aditya & Anand Clear SSB!

Ria, Utsav, Aditya & Anand Clear SSB!

No Frills Academy congratulates the following students for clearing SSB:

 Success Journeys in Brief

  • Ria was quite competent and should have been selected even she had not taken my guidance. She worked to improve her GK and fitness and easily cleared the SSB.
  • Utsav had been to SSBs earlier and had to effect major positive changes in his life style as well as attitude. He had been adversely impacted by past coaching as well. Utsav brought about the required changes with enthusiasm and got success!
  • Aditya was fairly competent all round but had not been successful in his first attempt at SSB. Under my guidance he improved his discipline, became better organized and determined and got success!
  • Anand is an interesting case for me. He had had several unsuccessful attempts at SSB in the past. I had advised him to forgo the SSB because he had not attained the required all round level in my perception. He proved me wrong by clearing the SSB!

Personality Improvements

No Frills Academy promotes a balanced lifestyle to enhance personal effectiveness. Once weaknesses have been identified methods can easily devised to overcome them. The success in improvement depends to a great extent on the following:

  • Acceptance of the weaknesses by the individual.
  • Motivation to overcome the weaknesses.
  • Belief that the effort will bring success.
  • Systematic and sustained effort.
  • Adequate time to overcome weaknesses like English, being over-weight, physical fitness and some other aspects which cannot be changed quickly.

No Frills Academy Thanks  Students!

I thank all my students for showing great improvement in their personal & interpersonal lives and earning success in their respective lives by following simple and timeless principles, which seem to be unpopular and unfashionable in the modern society. All of you have enriched my life and keep me energized to continue my work. Thanks!

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  1. Congrats Ria, Utsav, Aditya & Anand..!!! All the best for medicals and merit list.!!!
    Congratulation to you also sir.!!!

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