Saurabh Perseveres to Succeed!

Saurabh Perseveres to Succeed!

Saurabh More, Email cleared SSB for Coast Guard.  On behalf of No Frills Academy I congratulate him! This is his message:

Saurabh’s Words:

Hi Nehru sir and all SSB aspirants!
My SSB journey started when I gave my first CDS and cleared it. My SSB was at Banglore but unfortunately I got screened out in my first attempt and  so also in the next attempt which was for NCC entry. I realized that guidance was really needed for SSB. Then I met Nehru sir and in the first interaction only he pointed out faults in my approach towards SSB. Nehru sir guided me for 4 months and his advice contributed towards my overall personality development. GK, physical fitness, knowledge of my core subjects and communication skills, all needed improvement. Nehru sir guided me to improve  through regular interaction. Under sir’s guidance I attempted 6 SSBs. In all these attempts I went till the conference but was not recommended because I had not attained the required competence. Each attempt taught me something and I kept improving. Finally in my 9th attempt I cleared Coast guard SSB.I have done with my medical exam now and waiting for the merit list.

Message to Aspirants:

Just trust Nehru sir’s teaching and work as per his guidance. Also keep interacting with sir because he is a great motivator and mentor. Don’t give up on your dreams but also have a Plan B for your life!

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