Shiv Singh Succeeds!

Shiv Singh Succeeds!

Shiv Singh: email: cleared SSB. On behalf of all students of No Frills Academy I congratulate him and thank him for inspiring others. He shares his experience in his mail to me:

Shiv’s Words

I took your guidance and got recommended in my 7th attempt from 19 SSB Allahabad for SSC tech 50. With every failed attempt my desire to achieve recommendation in SSB was getting stronger but I was unable to find the right path. Under your guidance I got to learn that “Doing small things right will eventually make life more effective”. Hence there is no need to ponder about the ways in which SSB can be cleared. You pinpointed my weak areas and helped me work upon them, even pointed my strengths and made me feel confident about my capabilities. Thank you sir for showing me the right path and to my fellow aspirant’s!

Shiv’s  Message to Aspirants

Once you feel that succeeding is the only option left and it’s as necessary as breathing then no one can stop you!

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