Utsav’s Success Message

Utsav’s Success Message

Utsav Mehra; mob:9458023890; e-mail: utsavmehra1994@gmail.com of No Frills Academy recently cleared SSB. This is his message for defence aspirants:

No Idea about What to Do?

I joined No Frills Academy after one rejection. I could not find a way as to what I should do to clear SSB. I did everything that the coaching academies asked me to do but it failed. My father told me about Col Nehru and  I met him.

Assessment & Guidance

I filled a form and he assessed me face to face (I am a local from Meerut). Nehru sir asked some questions about my past and what I was doing at present. After this interaction Sir told me clearly that I will not make it with my poor attitude and work ethic. Then we discussed about my strengths and shortcomings and Sir told me to just follow a proper routine to overcome my shortcomings. He told me to stay cheerful but also work hard. I made a routine for myself and set some goals for the next 45 days and also took up a part time job. It was tough to follow the routine in the beginning but I did not give up as I wanted to clear the SSB.

Regular Interaction

Every second day I used to call Nehru sir and discuss my progress with him. He used to always keep me motivated and used to keep reminding me that I have it in me to clear the SSB. I was really surprised to see a positive change in me before appearing for the SSB.

SSB Success

When I went for the SSB, I kept one thing always in my mind which Nehru sir had told me: “Belief that I am competent for selection”. In this SSB I went through all the tests with full self-confidence and sincerity. I did not do anything to please the assessors. I had improved upon my shortcomings and went as the real Utsav and not the artificial one that I was during my last SSB. All the three techniques went much better than the last time and I cleared SSB.

Thanks No Frills Academy!

I would like to thank Nehru sir for showing me the right path and motivating me every time when I spoke to him. Bringing about a positive change in my attitude not only helped me clear SSB but also helped me clear other exams and interviews. I would like to suggest more and more people to join No Frills Academy and they will surely be sharing their success stories very soon. All the best to everyone!

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