Vikas Sharma Clears SSB!

Vikas Sharma  Clears SSB!

Vikas Sharma  /mob:  7798414600  /email: cleared CDS SSB. No Frills Academy congratulates him on his success!
Vikas had started his journey of facing SSBs from 2011 for NDA. In his fifth attempt he was able to clear SSB for CDS. He joined No Frills Academy in Mar 2017. Through systematic effort he improved in all round abilities and was able to clear the SSB. This is what he has to share with aspirants:

Vikas’ Words

I had always dreamt of being an officer in the Armed forces. Previous failures and the fact that this was my last attempt for IMA had made me very nervous, and that is where Col. Nehru Sir helped me. Through his guidance I evolved a systematic plan for development and I improved various facets of my personality. I also unlearned a lot of wrong things that I had picked up from recommended friends and various websites. Sir made me believe that I have it in me. The sense of being given personalized attention by an expert really boosted my confidence and I worked purposefully, without any self-doubts. With this improvement plus confidence, I was able to clear my SSB. The more important result of our endeavor is the “change” which I feel in myself now. I am sure that this change will help me to face my future challenges effectively and confidently.
Thank you Sir!

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