One Year Experience With No Frills Academy

Hello there all friends and students of No Frills Academy .

Hope you all are doing well.

Today I am writing my Journey with No Frills Academy.




My Content is

Who Am I ?

How I Join No Frills Academy ?

How was 1st Interaction with Nehru Sir ?

How I manage Guidance Time With My Study ?

What Nehru Sir Teach Me ?

What I was Before Join Nehru Sir Coaching ?

What I Am Now ?

My + point

What is My Future Vision ?


Lets Start Hope you will get Bored but I am really enjoying this article while writing. 

Who Am I ?

I am Aviral Bhardwaj , Electronics And Communication Engineering Final Year Student From RJIT BSF Academy Tekanpur , since 3.2 years i am living at Tekanpur in Rent for my graduation. .I am from Uttarakhand Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar.My hobby is Coding ,Programming ,Website Development and Online marketing.I have owned 17 websites for increasing my online revenue,also Authorised by google as content publisher.


How I Join No Frills Academy ?

This is really exciting story –>> I was preparing for My UES Army Campus Interview,searching videos on Internet “How to Prepare for Interview” , ” How to Get Success In Interview ” as all aspirants do always. Suddenly i found youtube link of “Mission Army -Desh Ke Rakshak” Show which is organised by National Geography and starting watching it and after some time I seen Colonel Nehru was Judge in that show and i closed that link and as always start downloading and saved all video’s of Nat Geo Mission army.

Finally the day came UES Interview Panel Two Colonel One Name i still remember Colonel Ranjit because they give motivational speech in front of us,and we all were very motivated after that speech.

List was submitted and after some time my Name is announced for GD.

then what you think ?


I was not select for GD.




Because I have backlog in my third Sem,and Luckily golden opportunity was missed by me.




yes right


That was by my good luck.

and why this is good luck coz i got depressed and again daily life start morning 8 am then counting my attendance in my college and fall asleep if my attendance is good. For motivating myself I Start watching Mission Army and i remember Colonel Nehru is also is my Facebook friend,Without wasting time i contacted them and changing era is started for me.


What I learned from this time.


मन का हो तो अच्छा है, न हो तो और भी अच्छा है

  If things happen according to your wish then good If they didn’t then it’s better. Because some external force is planning for your good.


How was 1st Interaction with Nehru Sir ?

1st interaction with Nehru sir is good he was trying to calm me every time because i am inside ZERO level not on Zero.My voice was not even come fluently.However i completed talk with Nehru sir and they send me assessment for improving me,and I followed them on daily basis.

How I manage Guidance Time With My Study ?

Truly I can say there is no issue to maintain interaction time with study time.As a true Engineer I rarely go college 3 time in a week ,And 3 times i also bunk class many times,but never leave Interaction with Nehru sir because i know what should i do for my aim.


What Nehru Sir Teach Me ?

1st thing i learned from Nehru sir that is Discipline,Time Management and Study.Then I go further with physical fitness and more like other aspirants or students of No Frills Academy.


What I was Before Join Nehru Sir Coaching ?

I was 96Kg Giant Man hight 6 feet and very lazy person who loved sleep more than his aim.

100 meter race-20 to 23 second

1600 meter race–10 to 15 minute

Push Up-2 to 3

Chin up -0

Sit ups-max 10

What I Am Now ?

Right Now I am 82 kg and still giant man with 6 feet height ,still lazy but love my aim more than sleep.

100 meter race-12 to 14 second

1600 meter race- 4.30 to 5 minute

push up -25

chin up -0

sit up-150 max

My + Point

I love website work once i got backlog so i was going to quitting website work and all other stuff and i contacted Nehru sir they gave me advice to never leave your skills make them more sharp and i continued website work And now i am making 50 to 80 thousand Rupees per month from my all websites and website development for hotels and resorts in Uttarakhand.

What is My Future Vision ?

As my last AFCAT and CDS Was quite good so i will prepare for them and simultaneously i will work on my website.

Hope you will read till last if you read then thanks if not then also thanks kyuki मन का हो तो अच्छा है, न हो तो और भी अच्छा है

Jai Hind

Take care all

Stay awaked

~IMA With Love

Aviral Bhardwaj

Colonel M.M Nehru

Col. MM Nehru, Director at NFA, is a Personality Developer. He is an experienced trainer and has orchestrated numerous sessions around leadership, time management and personal effectiveness for corporate clientele. He holds a master’s degree (PGDM) in Defence Studies and Business Administration and was an Arts Graduate. If you want to know more about Colonel Nehru Click Here


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