Jai Sir Ram Fund

“Jai Sir Ram Fund”!

Every situation or calamity offers us opportunities. Covid-19 is no different. It is offering a great opportunity to all politicians in general and massively corrupt ones in particular, as also corrupt businessmen and criminals. Practically all highly corrupt people in India do make efforts to bribe God through temple offerings. Covid-19 has provided a great opportunity to reach salvation for these rich criminals of Indian society.


PM Modi should announce the creation of, “Jai Sri Ram Fund”. Contributors to the fund will be asked no questions as to the source of the money. Salient contributors to the fund would be:

  • BJP- I am sure with over 6,000 crore of electoral bonds fund and several times more of black money it will be in a position to contribute most generously.
  • All MPs and MLAs, who made windfall gains in the last 4-5 years of making economically wise decisions by joining the BJP. I mean guys like Scindia.
  • All corrupt businessmen and bankers who were helped by the present government in swindling the depositors of their money. Even 10% percent of the swindled money would come to about Rs 1 lac crore. (There is incentive in doing so, beyond of course indirectly bribing God, because if these poor guys die then there will be less people left to be swindled!).
  • Congress, Kejriwal, Pawar, Thackeray, Mayawati & others can initiate their own similar funds in the names like, “Jai Hanuman Fund” and so on in the names of some Hindu God. Associating religion is very important to this fund because religion covers up all sins.
  • The fund should be open to all foreign contributors from anywhere in the world. It will, however, have one serious restriction and that is no contribution should come from a Muslim individual, Muslim countries are okay. (The reason for this I shall disclose later).

Fund Required by India to Reduce Economic Impact on Poor of Covid-19

As per wise economists (they are all outside of BJP & RSS, not counting Subramaniam Swamy) the amount required to reduce the impact of Covid-19 on India is approximately Rs 6 lac crore. The PM has announced a package of Rs 15,000 crore, which is a tiny fraction of the losses caused to India by his senseless economic decisions of demonetization, GST and clamp-down in Kashmir (approximately Rs10 lac crore). The above sources could generate up to Rs 3 lac crore.


Please listen to this report to get an idea of the suffering of the people.

The money could be used to establish food and beverage distribution points like done during the “Kanwar-yatras” & cash distribution directly to people at their homes and not accounts. Money in the name of God must be dealt with in only cash-just like elections and bribes.

Distribution Methodology

While the source from where the money has originally come must remain hidden but the consumer must know the source from where he/she is receiving it (remember the “Amma” printed on flood relief packages during the heydays of late Jayalalitha) because political benefit must always be made out of every situation. Hence the food & beverages stalls and packages can be suitably branded.

Why Leave Out Muslims?

In a Hindu rashtra that we are, Muslims will have to find their own route to salvation. “Jai Sri Ram!”

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