Corruption in India

Corruption in India

India elected Modi because Indians were fed up of Sonia’s corrupt regime and not because he is a great leader. Modi’s personal image is still clean.  However, Indians have now realized that PM Modi is as much a party to corruption as PM Manmohan was.

Understanding Corruption

Elections are won by black money. BJP has more black money than Congress. Honest tax payers have little incentive to donate money to corrupt political parties. Dishonest people have great reasons to donate money to the government in power and avoid persecution. I am sure Nirav Modi must have donated money to BJP.

What do We Do?

As a Society Demand Honesty and Transparency from Government

As a society please do not join the band-wagon of ‘Modi-bhakts’ and demand honesty and transparency from governments. Start campaigns for complete transparency in funding of political parties and election expenses and creation of Lokpals at the centre and all the states.

As Individuals
  • Vow to not take/give bribes.
  • Become a whistle blower in corrupt organizations.
  • Be prepared to suffer for honesty like Khemka & Kiran Bedi (the Police Officer & not politician).
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